The following is an excerpt from my forthcoming book, Animal Lover. When researching the topic of reincarnation in dogs, cats and horses, I found five other animal communicators who also started BELIEVING in animal reincarnation because of their work. Do you have any experiences with animals that seem like animals that had been your friend before?

When I do a session for someone and their animal, I just channel what I receive. It is like the part of me that is the ego or consciousness, is sitting on the sidelines listening to everything that was said. What comes thru sometimes surprises me as much as it does the person getting the information. The more sessions I do the more I understand how the universe works. Thru the years I have come to trust this information, to trust it in a way I never have trusted anyone or even myself.

Immediately with the first year, I learned about earthbound beings, the choices that are made after death. How dogs that came to support their humans stayed around in spirit after they died, and how dogs in heaven were so happy, they were in sheer at total bliss. I honestly do not remember feeling that way to that extent before: the way I feel when I channel a being that is in heaven.

Many dogs and cats too come to enrich, enhance and progress their humans life’s here on earth. That duty is not severed with death, and many stick around after death to fill the position they were given. So it didn’t surprise me when I ran across animals that were coming back to their humans in a new body, a new story.

I have experienced this firsthand, with my cat Peewee coming back as a horse. It is always so hard to believe the miraculous, but why? Is it too hard to believe that we are so loved that these beautiful beings love us enough to return?

I’ve encountered pet reincarnation multiple times with numerous clients. It even boggles MY mind it is achieved. But I know if a spirit want to come back, they ask. They can figure it out: we don’t need to know how it happens.
There is an energy that is loves us that want us to fulfill our purpose and simply wants us to be happy. Why do we have such a hard time believing that something so miraculous could happen in our lives?

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