Mythbusters the show on Discovery (yes a TV SHOW) tackled the old myth that “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”. Of course, within one day of working with the dogs that were elderly Alaskan malamutes (11 years old), the dogs learned to sit down, lay down and heel. The instructors helped the dogs & their humans learn these tricks, then the next day, when the human was alone with his dog, he couldn’t do it. The trainer had to come back and reinforce the training. That to me was interesting, because it seems that the dogs learned the desired behavior, but the humans were so focused on the dogs that they didn’t learn what they needed to accomplish the actions.  Once the dogs & humans were again prompted, they could perform the tricks smoothly. In one week, they taught both dogs seven tricks that were consistent and polished.

So, if you are letting your dog off the hook for present day behavior that is unwanted, destructive or apathetic, stop it now. If a dog is doing unwanted behavior, it is because its person is either allowing it or causing it in some way (or there is a spirit energy present, but that is a totally new blog). I will take stance with this and say that I have never talked to a dog that was malicious or destructive on purpose.  Most dogs are telepathic to some degree, and can be acting out a behavior caused by their owner’s actions or thoughts.  Dogs know the same amount of words that a 5-6 year old child does.

What comes to mind is a woman I read for a while ago. She said: “All cats bite me.”  A cat would sit on her lap, and she would think that statement. The cat would receive the statement, think, “I can do that” and bite her. She was actually ASKING cats to bite her! So when you are with your dog, working with them, lounging with them, become conscious of the messages going thru your head. They have PROVEN that dogs are telepathic. A study was done last year where they looked at 14 different ways a dog could know his owner was coming home. Sound of the vehicle, time of day, sound of walking, they looked at all possible scenarios. Cameras were on both the owner at work and the dog at home.  Results of the study found that when the owner THOUGHT about going home, the dog got excited. The study proved conclusively that dogs ARE telepathic with their humans, and over distance. That makes sense to me, because when I work with people and their dogs, it can be done over the phone, and the dog doesn’t need to be present. Their energy is all around their person, and the two are connected. I do not understand all the aspects of the connection between canines and humans, but it gives me a respect and love for dogs beyond what I had before. They truly come to love, to serve. Dogs come with a purpose, and they like a job. If you do not give them a job, they will make one up. So I suggest coming up with something, because you do not want your dog’s profession to be “destroyer of shoes”.

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