Owning a pet is often an exercise in love. We must invest love, care, time, effort and finances to keep our pet healthy. There are a million guides on the internet (some better than others) that attempt to help you achieve this goal. However, focusing on this solely can make you believe that to own a pet for the first time is a herculean effort. This might dissuade you from doing so, or make you forget to actually enjoy the presence of the new entrant to the family when it arrives.

Pets are much more than a laundry list of necessary duties. They are something which gives us freedom and comfort to relax, to be ourselves, and to be at home around them. This article will head into the beautiful prospects of keeping a pet, and what this can do for your emotionally, mental and spiritual health. If you decide to run with your dog in open fields, you may even gain in physical health too.

Unconditional Love

We often understand that pets gift us unconditional love in spades, but it’s not always apparent what this means. Well, if you care for your pet correctly, you’ll find that it will be a pleasure to be around. You never need to pretend to be something you are not in the presence of an animal. They know who you are by how you treat them, and the attention you both give one another. A dog will often bound at the chance to see you arrive home from the office, even if you’ve had the worst day imaginable.

You are the entire world of that pet, and so being a great owner can feel absolutely fulfilling to the core. When you both share that unconditional love you become to soften as a person. Just because your pet cannot speak English or value you upon the human social structure, it does not mean your relationship is any less profound or blessed than a genuine human interaction. To understand this is to treat it with respect.

Emotional Support

Sometimes, we are not our best selves. This might not be our fault in the slightest. Anxiety disorders can begin to crop up for seemingly no reason, and tragic circumstances can happen in our lives that lead to forms of mental struggle. This happens to people all the time, undeservedly so, and they could and should be given access to forms of remedy and treatment.

If you fall into this box, we’d certainly recommend researching your state law for emotional support animal help. This pass will give you access to bring your pet to facilities and establishments where they might not otherwise be allowed. Simply having your pooch there to provide you with that calm and loving interaction can help ground you and anchor you in the space you’re in. A social interaction might be hard to navigate, but a social situation with a pet for support can help you feel a little more connected, jovial and silly than you might otherwise be.

Keeping a pet is infinitely rewarding, especially if you’re going through some difficulty. Consider this. It might just be the thing you need to add a little flavor back into your life.


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