It’s important we keep our dogs in the best shape possible and to do this it’s important to focus on their nutrition, as ultimately just like how humans are what they eat – so is your dog – and nutrition plays a huge role in your dog’s health and happiness, indeed, poor nutrition has even been linked to depression in dogsOf course, not everything can be solved by diet, for instance if you have a dog with arthritis then nutrition can play a large part in managing and perhaps even healing the condition, but you might want to consider looking at orthopedic dog bed reviews in order to make him as comfortable as possible, just like we would with a human.

This article, does, however, focus purely on doggy diets in the sense of feeding your dog.  

While this topic sounds simple enough, it’s easy to forget the impact food has on our pets health particularly when it comes to the human food, given out of love from a caring owner, but with potentially catastrophic results. It can be hard to look after a dog, particularly with a busy schedule, as there is a huge time commitment involved.  However, looking after your dog’s diet doesn’t need to take any extra time; it’s just about being mindful to a few simple principles – some of which are listed below.


Let’s face it, we can rarely resist the tail wag that comes at the end of dinner, and those doting eyes, that plead with you to finish off your leftovers – as if they haven’t eaten for weeks. It can feel almost cruel not to succumb to those ‘starved’ eyes that gaze into your heart as though that one little piece of half-chewed meat is the answer to their prayers, but from a dietary perspective, tough love would appear to be the kinder way forward in the long run.


Furthermore, there are a number of foods that are poisonous to dogs – including chocolate, avocado, and the sweetener xylitol.  It’s therefore important to get accustomed with what is toxic to your dog, before dishing out human food.


There’s a lot of marketing hype around dog food.  You, therefore, need to look past the marketing claims and check out the label on the back.  A lot of dog food is heavily processed and full of “fillers” meaning you want to confirm the main ingredient is a high protein meat.


In the same way, you wouldn’t want to give children too much candy, as it would be bad for their health, too many treats can be unhealthy for your dog.  That said, offering treat based rewards is a fantastic way to train your dog; but try to find healthy alternatives as treats don’t need to be unhealthy for your dog.


We have a tendency to overfeed our dogs, as a way of expressing our love, yet this can lead to an overweight dog with numerous health problems – so whilst it’s tempting to express love this way, as a feeder, there are more beneficial ways such as cuddling and going on extra special walks.

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