What happens when pets die? This is my experience of it. I have a faith built from experience, a faith because it a feeling unseen. Faith lends itself to dogma; we can’t pass feelings around the room like we can photographs. It’s not something that you can look at and say well this color’s black and this color’s purple. This has been my experience from years of working with animals on this side & the other side.

The Universe runs with a precision that comes from order. With order, it always seems there are rules. A protocol if you will. A protocol that exists, but I of course do not have a copy. After seeing trends, I came to realize what the rules were.

Dogs and cats both can choose to stay here earthbound with their people. If you have the ashes of a pet, it’s been my experience that the spirit of that pet stays with you: earthbound.

Many misconceptions are held about spirits. There are two main places a being can go when they die: what I would call heaven, or earthbound. From this side, at times it can be hard to recognize the difference.

Animals do not seem to have a waiting period to be available after death, like I have experienced with humans. The people on the other side that I cannot make contact with both had died recently. It is my understanding we undergo a life review, and during that time are unavailable. I do not know if animals do not have such a life review, or if it happens so fast that they are immediately available for conversation.

Perhaps I don’t have a very sophisticated skill set to perceive differences. But when I channel animals that are alive or dead, they basically come through in very much the same form. The feeling I get when I channel my body is about the same feeling. The big clue is if there is pain in the body, the animal is still alive. I welcome your questions on this subject!

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