Meditation is sacred, and a moving meditation like a walk is the BEST!

– If someone is especially cooking your favorite meal, it’s okay to do a “happy dance”

-Every once & awhile you come across someone who you have nothing in common with, and instead of judging, you just need to give them a wide berth.

-Not everyone has to love you, but you can still try for that….

-you can never snuggle too much.

-Trust that when someone likes or even loves you, they usually meet you halfway.

-if you patiently wait your turn, you will get a treat too.

-a fight is a fight, and then you sniff noses and forgive.

-You are always connected to what you love.

-That visiting friends and getting a nice snack is a great way to spend the afternoon.

We want you to respect us. This means buying us a collar, a leash, a toy or two, a bowl to call our own. We LOVE spending time with you. YOU are the center of our lives. IF we can’t sleep with you, we would love to have our own bed.

If you want us to behave, give us a time that is all ours. Set aside time that we will be going on a walk, and it is OUR time. During Ann’s “work time” we are quiet like she wants us to be. Remember, we play hard & sleep hard, so give us a lot of both.

When we lick ourselves, we do it mainly to solve an itch. Lick a wound, get out a thorn or enjoy ourselves. If you notice, we are never cleaner afterwards. I am sure you have noticed, dirt and dust are not really noticealble by us, except for the great scratching the back possibilities.

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