Having been a cat owner my whole life, I have used a variety of cat litters. It used to be that only Tidy Cat and Johnny Cat were the only choices on the shelves. I didn’t like either one, but held my nose and bought one because I had no choice. Thank God those days are gone!

As an Animal Communicator, I hear complaints constantly about unwanted litter qualities from cats. It is the number one reason they don’t use the litter box. Peeing in inappropriate places is the main behavioral issue I get called for. It can be a devastating problem, one that both cat owners and cats abhor.  I have even talked to cats who preferred to go in the clothes dryer and pee on warm soft clean clothes instead of clay litter that smelled and got dust stuck in their nose!

For the last three years, I have been testing multiple litters on my cat clowder and foster kittens to learn which were the best choice for both my clients that had certain issues and my own cat family.

I have tested over 25 litters and counting. I thought I could try them ALL!! HA! But then realized that new ones are coming out and I would never be done. The other realization I had is that new cat litters are coming out because the market STILL didn’t have one litter that was head and shoulders above all others.

The market has been waiting for a cat litter that works for everyone, cat owners, cats, kittens and the environment alike. Luckily, a new product Catalyst decided to start a revolution and create a product that fulfills a multitude of needs.

Catalyst smells wonderful, slightly like fresh cut wood, but not overpowering. It clumps slightly, so that you can pull the wet stuff out but your cat isn’t going to cut their paws on it like they can the crystal clumping litters.

One of the most exciting things about Catalyst (After the fact that your cat will always USE IT!) is that it is environmentally friendly. Catalyst is biodegradable. Made of up-cycled soft wood that would otherwise be sent to a landfill immediately, Catalyst isn’t like the clay litters that are mined specifically to become cat litter. The company also states that one pound of Catalyst does the work of three pounds of clumping clay litter, which reduces pollution and carbon emissions that result from production and transportation.

Personally, Samson and I have tried over 25 litters, and are excited to say that Catalyst is our number one choice.  There is no dust, it has a pleasant smell, is semi-clumping, helps the environment, can be delivered to the house monthly, is cost effective and accepted by all cats in the household. The only issue we have is that Buffy likes the feel of it under her paws and spends more time digging in the litter box than necessary. Always has to be someone that is a little weird in our house, and it is usually Buffy.

Samson and our cat family are proud to join the Catalyst Revolution!

Join us! try Catalyst for your own cat family!  For a 20% discount on your entire order, enter discount code:SamsonSpeaks


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