Does your cat get bored quickly? If so, then you might want to check out these five fun ways to play with them! Cats are one of the most popular pets globally – over 600 million domestic cats live all over the world. But there is a problem: they can get bored quite fast and need entertainment. So, if you own a cat, here are creative ways to keep them entertained.

Paint Your Cat

You can have a fun painting session with your cat that’ll keep it occupied for hours on end. Besides, painting can be one way for you to exercise your creative skills.

Alternatively, you can hire a cat painter like Heidi Schave to paint you one huge drawing of your cat you can hang on the wall. Because cats are curious animals, your cat will always look at the picture whenever bored because it’ll seem like another cat.

Have a Singing Contest

Some cats may not like the indoors life as much, so you need to make them comfortable if letting them out isn’t an option. An excellent way is to take turns with your partner singing songs to keep her engaged. This is just one idea for entertaining your cat that doesn’t involve food. Place the cat in front of you and sing in varying tones.

Take turns singing and see if they can guess which one of you is making all those weird noises! Make sure to vary your pitches and tones to keep them guessing. A singing contest is a fun way to play with your cat and have fun too.

Give Her an Empty Box

Get an empty box and place it on the floor, then make your cat go inside by enticing her with a treat. Once she is in, you can close the door to keep her there or put another object over top of the opening. She may not like this at first, but after a while, she’ll get used to it.

This activity will help keep her occupied, and she’ll be able to explore the box on her terms. You can also get a toy in there with her, but make sure that you don’t cover up any entrances so that she can move around freely inside. She’ll love this because it is like having an entire world to explore.

And remember- never leave your cat unattended inside of the box because she could get frantic or stuck.

Blow Bubbles

Blowing bubbles is a quick way to entertain your cat.  Because they are so light, the force of them popping will be enough for cats to chase after and pounce on top of.

This can go one of two ways: either you blow bubbles in front of their face, which creates an optical illusion and makes them stop chasing the bubbles, or they chase the bubbles and pop them. Thus creating an even more entertaining game for them to play with you!

Teach Her a Trick

There are many ways to entertain a bored cat, but the easiest is teaching her a trick. There are so many tricks and games you can teach your kitty depending on their personality and what they enjoy doing! For example, teaching your cat to simply come when called or even walk on a leash can be exciting and new for your cat.


Cat entertainment is the best way to keep your cat happy and alive. Cats are intelligent creatures with a lot of energy, so they need something enriching like an interactive toy or scratch post that challenges their brains without taxing their physical abilities. With these tips in mind, you can ensure that your cat lives a long and healthy life!

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