If you had a listening device on my animal communication sessions lately, you would hear me recommend CBD oil for a number of different reasons. For example, Cats that are anxious about travel, or stressed by a thunderstorm. Can be calmed by a little CBD.

I am always skeptical of products that aren’t FDA approved, doing what they say they will do. An FDA indication means the product has been tried on individuals who have the issue and then proven to help. The health food stores are full of products that say they do fantastic things without having any proof.

However, the CBD oil hasn’t been tested because until recently, there wasn’t a legal way to obtain it. But with the passing of a law last year that made hemp growing legal, companies selling CBD products have sprung up everywhere. In fact, at SuperZoo, I counted over 200 CBD products now on the market.

I talked to many of the companies, and have tried several of the brands. I gave CBD oil to Elvis, my FIP Warrior the final 8 months of his life. I credit the CBD for giving Elvis more days, and making those days more enjoyable. You see, Elvis had bad diarrhea at times, and his poo always smelled horribly. Elvis had a hard time eating, and would eat something for weeks, then suddenly hate it. I started keeping a journal of all the foods Elvis wouldn’t eat.

After I started giving Elvis CBD oil, his diarrhea ceased. When he did relieve himself, it didn’t smell horribly anymore. Even more exciting, Elvis started eating more of the food than before. He even started playing with his toys again. My gentle giant, Cat of my heart, had some great times because of the CBD oil. I swear by it.

I also recommend using CBD oil in the tincture. Many of the CBD treats are really hard; too hard to for your pet to eat. If you have a cat that doesn’t like treats, go with the sure thing of the tincture.  I know of many types of CBD treats I have spent $20 for the bag & my dog Lucie won’t eat any of them.  There are some Freeze Dried Chicken CBD Treats that both Lucie & Samson will eat; I will tell you about them in another product review.

The lower doses of CBD oil help calm: anxiety, stress fear. A medium dose is used for aches, pains, arthritis and allergies.  Then if you have an animal with autoimmune diseases, cancer or seizures, the higher doses are recommended. You can use CBD with both cats and dogs.

When I was at SuperZoo, The product that stood out most to me was Chill Paws. Chill Paws is potent, full spectrum and Human Grade. It has a picture of a cat in sunglasses- how could it fit Samson and I better?

So I have signed up to be an affiliate with Chill Paws!  Please follow the link for 15% off using the Code “Samson” – Shop Now!



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