One of the beautiful things about people who are in the pet industry is that they love pets. People who love pets usually value a green environment and conservation-friendly efforts such as getting rid of pollution and waste where possible.

There are many pet products that are new and revolutionary in that they serve both pet owners and the environment.  I include Lennypads in this category.

Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while know that I take care of foster kittens every year.   Just like human babies, they don’t know how to go to the bathroom yet.   You have to teach them.  Because I like things easy, I started to place “doggie diapers” down on the floor, carpeting the area the kittens inhabit.  This saves my floors and furniture from any additional damage.

There are a couple of down sides to “Puppy Pads”: they are costly  and they are not recyclable.  Throw-away diapers seem like such a waste.  So when I saw the Lennypads at a conference I immediately wanted to know more about them.  I loved the idea of washable pads instead of single-use pads.  So I got several and tried them with my foster kittens this year.

Lennypads are washable, absorbent, and leak proof.  They are also economical, reusable and environmentally friendly, which is what I look for in this age of climate change.

If you look at the marketing materials, they are focused on dogs and puppies. However, my dogs have a doggie door, and the kittens are the ones who need help learning how to use pee pads and litter boxes. 

Note: For those of you that are training puppies, I would train them with Lennypads.  I fly with my Bichon, Lucie quite often.  Some airports have doggie relief centers on each concourse but others, such as Dallas-Fort Worth Airport only have 1 station for the whole gigantic airport.

When Lucie & I were there, the doggie relief center was on another concourse, about an hour’s walk away.  I ended up taking Lucie outside the airport, and having to come back thru security again.  If I had Lucie Lennypad trained, I could have just put it down and let her use it instead of frantically looking around for what would make do.

I tried other cloth doggy diapers for my foster kittens before trying Lennypads.  I have used my Lennypads for two kitten seasons now. They are thick, so I never have to worry about them leaking through the rugs to the floor.  They lay flat, and because of their thickness are hard for the kittens to move out of place or up against a wall.

Lennypads come in several sizes, many being the exact size of the crate you would keep your birthing dog or cat with kittens in.  They can be used as whelping & weaning pads, crate pads, potty pads, or to absorb fluids leaked from water and food bowls.  The exact size is a gift when you have a piece of furniture that you desperately want to protect, knowing you have a dog that could ruin it all with one lift of his hind leg.

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