Looking after a pup for first-timers! Before adopting an animal we must be sure that it is really what we want and that we have the time and energy to take care of them for their entire lives.

Veterinary care

Puppies cannot go outside without vaccination because the probability of contagion of diseases is high and can pose a risk to their health. For this reason, your dog should go to the vet and undergo its relevant vaccination to rule out that it may suffer. The calendar requires:

  • A first vaccination between 6 and 8 weeks is important. This is to prevent distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus, parainfluenza, and more.
  • Two equal boosters of this first vaccination will be carried out.
  • Later you will be vaccinated against rabies.
  • After a few weeks, you should get the dog vaccinated, spayed, or neutered.
  • Finally, the dog will receive reinforcement of all of them every x period of time, the one recommended by the veterinarian. The reinforcement will be performed less and less frequently as the dog ages, as the chances of contagion are reduced.

Follow all the advice of your usual veterinarian and if you have doubts about proposed treatment, do not hesitate to ask for a second opinion. In addition, you should be attentive to any symptoms of illness that the dog may manifest, remember that they can’t speak to you.

Basic care

Your dog needs a lot of care and attention and here are some things that are vital that you do:

  • Provide a soft bed to sleep on. Look at a Calming Dog Bed. 
  • The dog must have a drinking fountain with plenty of fresh and clean water every day.
  • Give him specific quality food according to the stage of his life.
  • Toys and teethers cannot be absent to entertain him when you are away.
  • Cleaning the legañas daily and a bath from time to time will be basic conditions.
  • Take them out for a walk at least 2 to 3 times a day.
  • Comb them as regularly as you need.
  • Socialize them and teach them how coexistence at home should be.

Dog feeding

If you read up, you will find specific articles on the dog’s diet and it is that it must receive special nutrients and vitamins for its development, which are adapted to each stage of their life. The most recommended option is to combine the three existing types of diet, always giving preference to a high-quality feed together with wet diets and homemade diets.

Why is it important to socialize my pet?

It is essential that your dog meet others of the same species to prevent aggression in the future. In addition, adult dogs will be an example for him and will help him know how to behave in the pack. We will also socialize you with people of all ages so that the dog is not afraid and adopts a friendly and social attitude that allows good behavior in public. Socialization allows your pet to relate to the environment, to express its personality, and to be more confident and cheerful on a daily basis.

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