Every dog I have ever talked to has come with a purpose for their humans. Then of course they like a job. If you don’t give them a job they will create one. But the job requirement is another story. This blog is about the purpose that dogs have in human’s lives. They come to help us lead better lives, it is that simple. With some dogs, they come to love someone in a way they have never been loved and cherished before. With other dogs they come to work side by side with us, like the herding dogs, and they keep us company while also making our work burden less. Every single dog I have ever talked to had a purpose for their human. So what about the dogs that never belong to a human?

Purpose with animals is so interesting. I have talked to horses who have come to be lesson horses for children, to give them a feeling of what horse energy is like and how gentle and kind they can be. Even so called “wild” animals in the zoo have told me that they came to earth and are there to be “ambassadors to people” so we can learn about them and from them. That the world is an amazing, versatile place, abundant, changing, fascinating. That they too came for a purpose in this world, and they want to interface with humans so that we value them and what they do. Some animals, like dolphins, come to hold the vibration of the planet at a higher level, others come to ground the planet in present time.

Dogs have accompanied humans for a long time now. Like horses, they have helped us build this world. They have been with us during wars, helped us convert the wilderness in the civilized places we live today (remember, at one time it was all wilderness), worked side by side with us in fields, and slept soundly by our side. These beings come willingly to this earth again, with the promise to love and be loved.

Some are souls like us that have come to learn, raise their vibration, enjoy being in the physical dimension. I have also talked to Angels and Spirit Guides that have gone into form as cats and dogs because they are working on a specific issue with a charge and they can accomplish it better in physical form. After all, cats and dogs don’t make as long a commitment to be in body as we do, and they sleep more than we do which is when they can return to heaven. Definitely a better choice than incarnating into a human form and being on this earth for eighty years!

I love that dogs can do amazing jobs. They can smell and detect cancer better than the machines can. So why do we not have machines that aren’t as effective as dogs, they cost a fortune where dogs work for food and pets. In fact, dogs that could be doing that job are sitting in every county animal rescue in the country. In South America they have border collies running around with baskets of seeds replanting burned areas. If we live with dogs, we are healthier both mentally and physically.

So why are we still putting dogs to death in this country? To me, they are beings that have come to love us and help us. Instead of taking them up on it, we destroy them, go it alone and lead a much more forlorn life. It is unbelievable to me, unthinkable. Yet that is where American society currently is. The No-Kill movement has made significant strides, but we are still killing dogs. Dogs that could really impact the lives of Americans positively. My thought is that we should give a tax deduction or some kind of credit for people that have dogs. After all, people that have dogs have 40% less heart attacks – that translates into gigantic financial savings for the government – should they be paid for as a health benefit??? What if we got emotional support and service dogs for all the people that could use them – and subsidized that? We subsidize the oil industry, why can’t we subsidize something that makes the world a BETTER place?

Give business a tax credit if they put dogs on the payroll. Let them get dogs to greet the customers at Walmart, dogs to comfort anxious flyers at the airports. Dogs to be in a classroom so that every kid has the privilege of being able to read to a dog! These are only a few ideas on how the government or private industries can step forward and use dogs instead of allowing them to be murdered. Make people get a license to have dogs with a % going to dogs being trained into a skill. Charge more for dog tags for unneutered dogs versus neutered ones. For GOD SAKES there are a thousand ways out there that we could quit killing dogs! Why don’t we try to put a few more of these in practice?

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