“Thousands of years ago, cats were worshipped as gods. Cats have never forgotten this.” Anon

“The Egyptians believed that cats were the God’s of joy. If so, kittens are their minions.”

A. We see earthbound spirits, i.e. ghosts. That means when I am looking over in the corner at the ceiling, I am not being spacey or freaking out.

B. Some food we like, some we don’t. Does that make us  finicky or practical? If a human doesn’t like Broccoli, is he finicky?

C. We want a lot more variety than a can of something with the same old gravy on it. (By the way, we LOVE that gravy).  If we were human we’d have the recipe for it!

D. Many of us are musical. What do you think the purring is about?  But hey, that doesn’t give you a right to sing with me in the car (that is if you have desensitized me to ride in the car)

E. We like the house, but we LOVE the back yard. We love climbing on roofs, chasing birds, all the activity and noise from the environment. If you don’t allow your cats outside, we suggest you have a lot of high perches they can jump to, noises they can investigate, and a large window that they can experience the outdoor world.

F. We are trainable. We can and do come to our names, acknowledge and KNOW our names. We can be taught how to avoid traffic, how to come when called, be in the house at night or to perform tricks. Remember, we don’t respond to negative reinforcement, so raising your voice, pinching us, rebuking us: it all seals the deal that we won’t do what you say.

“To those who much are given, much is expected.” Spiderman

G. Cats live by making choices, free will, just like their human counterparts. While we might not always do exactly what you want us to, when we respond, come curl up on your lap and purr away- well, you know we really WANT to be there.  We know we are incredible (we have been Gods by the way), and we love our people. We want you to know that you are loved, and pretty incredible yourselves. So sit down in a comfy chair, (so that I have a comfy lap) and allow us to do we do best: a purring lap dance.

I. Oh, and by the way- it doesn’t hurt to praise us every now and again. That may work better with dogs, but just because we don’t wag our tails, doesn’t mean we didn’t hear.

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