At a conference, I was asked by the woman across from me to contact the cat she had at home. I asked her what the cat’s name was, and she hesitated. The guides immediately said that the name of the cat had something to do with the way the cat was marked, the way it looked. The woman chuckled, and I knew I had struck a cord. She was amazed. She said the cat came from a family that was the victim of the flooding of the Mississippi the year before- and she had taken the cat because the family couldn’t have the cat in the temporary housing they had. When the cat was with that family, they called her “patches” and the lady I was talking to have renamed her “bow” because the cat looked like she had a bow on her face.  Amazingly, both names were because of the way the cat was marked.

I could tell with that one tidbit of information, the woman believed that I was in touch with the cat, and what was to be. Which was good, because the guides focused on the rocky road the displaced family was going to have, and how to help the children of that family cope. That is another wonderful aspect of what I do, the guides are there for pets and people alike, and the paths of these individuals intertwine again and again. Talking to the cat, spirit guides, angels and higher selves of the people involved, a total picture that is the best possible outcome.  A month ago I ran into this woman again, a year later, and she told me the cat Bow was still a member of her household. Cats can be that way. They come for a meal, a day, and next year they are still sitting beside you on the couch. This is both an amazing gift cats have, and a downfall. I cannot tell you how many people call me with lost cats, only to find when I check in with the cat they are not lost at all but hanging out with new people. This is a whole different topic, and will be covered in a follow up blog. Meanwhile, love your cats, knowing that they have chosen to be with you, that they know more about your trials and tribulations than you could ever imagine, and they are by your side not in spite of, but because of, your human condition.


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