My cat Elvis was sick recently, and now he is sick again and losing weight. I travel and talk about Samson (my other cat) all the time. So this is the story of how Elvis the cat came to me and shared his loving magic and humor ever since. Join me in sending Elvis loving energy, so he is back to peak health as soon as possible.

The Once and Future King

(An Excerpt from my book Animal Lover)

On a break from talking to pets at an ‘adopt-a-thon’ I was working for the Humane Society, I went through the adoptable cats. My cat, Speedy, had passed a few months earlier so that Spike, was currently my only cat.

The Humane Society had so many kittens they piled crates filled with them in a front room of the complex. Elvis was in a crate with his siblings, but he was the only one who walked up to the front of the crate when I was there. He had an incredible personality, very self-assured and laid back, amazing traits to have when in an orphanage. He had an adorable black spot on his check right under his nose, and even though he was black and white, had additional, randomly placed “BB” sized spots, like someone had opened up on him with a black paint gun.

Elvis fell asleep on his back on the humane society desk while I was filling out his paperwork. We put Hawaiian lei on his stomach and took his picture, and then a volunteer was waking him because it was giving her the creeps to see him lying there like he was dead. Elvis knows how to relax.

At the rescue, Elvis was given the macho name like “Rambo”.  I threw out the name, Mike. He responded immediately with, “You won’t remember that name even seconds after I die. I want a name that befits me. I want to be known as ‘Elvis.’”

He proceeded to give me three reasons that he should have that moniker: “I have mostly black hair. I am one of a kind. And I would like to be known as ‘The King.’” (I can’t lie, that name made me wonder what I had in store for me, it was unsettling).

What I didn’t know is that my Elvis would also become an incredible foodie, loving gravy and comfort food, just like his namesake. Plus, he was a singer and a talker. By far, Elvis is the most verbal cat that I have ever known.  

A month after I had brought Elvis home, I was unpacking the ceramic plates that I make for the art fairs. One had a black and white cat on it with his tail wrapped around a red heart. When I looked at it, I gasped. The cat on the plate was Elvis. I had made it before Elvis was born. He foretold his coming, with his tail wrapped around my heart.


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