This week Samson will be launching solo with his very own Instagram avatar!

We thought for weeks & weeks what his name on Instagram should be. Finally, Samson suggested Samson_Speaks, because he can speak to me, his mother (I adopted him at 3 weeks, so I may very likely be his the only mother he remembers). And as an Animal Communicator I CAN say what he means, in a way that he isn’t capable of doing.

Samson the cat

So many humans think animals are dumb because they can’t SPEAK words. Samson wants people to know the inside world of a kitten that was left in the desert, and is very, very, intelligent and funny. He has a wonderful joy about him. And it is catching! When Samson is in the room, everything radiates light just a little brighter!


 Samson speaks,
Because he and 5 siblings were
in the desert, abandoned,
at three weeks of age.

 Samson speaks,
Because he wants everyone
to know
the love a shelter cat has to share
with the world.

 Samson speaks,
Because 80% of cats killed in shelters,
are kittens who never had a chance.

 Samson speaks,
For all of the kittens & cats
who are feral,
their stories unheard,
cat fur not stroked,
their love is unshared.

Samson speaks,
Because he is overflowing with
Love & Joy.
To share with
everyone who listens.

 Samson speaks,
Because kittens should never be
sold, scared, alone,
dumped or abandoned.

 Samson speaks,
For kittens who died of
illness from lack of care,
before their lives even started.
Because that could have been Samson.

 Samson speaks,
Because he knows
that both
love & joy
multiply when shared.

 Samson speaks,
For all those kittens who died
never knowing human love.

 Samson speaks,
For the forgotten, the thrown away,
the feeble.

 Samson speaks,
To humans who have never known
the purr of a loving cat,
Or the caress of wistful whiskers.
Asking them why?

 Samson speaks,
About how people are healthier
living with a cat.
A loving friend.

 Samson speaks,
Because he knows

 Samson speaks,
the moment I saw him
I knew he contained

 Samson speaks,
Do you,
Will you,

Samson the cat

Samson will be appearing at Global Pet Expo, March 22nd – 24th, where he will be doing autographs & posing for pictures.

Watch the website, Facebook and Instagram for more updates.

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