What is special about your pet? Even though there are millions of loved fur babies in the world, each is special, individual and has come for a reason. Please add to this blogpost what it is that makes your dog/cat/gerbil one of a kind, and why you would like to have a communication session with him/her. It can be that he loves to hang his head out the window when you drive, or that he is chewing your Hermes scarves and will be exiled to the backyard if a truce is not met. Perhaps it is why or how you love them. Our pets enrich our lives- here is your chance to hear how they feel about you!

Post your entry to comments on this post, or email them to me at Annmariehoff@aol.com

If you can, include your pet’s photo. The winner will be chosen on April 30th and contacted within 72 hours. Just make the entry memorable!


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