If you are like me, you didn’t ever expect to hear the words “President” and “Trump” together in the same sentence without it being a comedy bit. The outcome of the 2016 election was shocking, beyond belief to many. I had several clients call me for emergency sessions, to try to come to terms with the news. How does this fit into the bigger picture of the Universe? How did “God” let this happen?

First, you have to re-frame why we are here, in this incarnation. The simple sentence is this: We are here to bring love where love is not, & to make choices with free will. To explain this, I will use the visual of love being light, and lack of love being darkness. There is no source of darkness, only lack of light. The one law that the angels & all spiritual beings cannot interfere with is that of free will. This means they can only do something for us if we ask.

The angels tell me that one of the key forces of evil is confusion. This surprised me, because I would think that murder or something like that would be the prevalent evil, but no, it is confusion.  We have seen confusion in this election in Spades; lies, half-truths, name-calling, different sides saying different facts. This has made it hard to tell what is true, and allowed us to be suspicious of what motives people have, whether or not someone is a “criminal”. It has allowed less than noble acts to be considered noble. The evil of confusion is strongly afoot in the political arena.

The other fact of our journey here is to find love where love is not. This means to stay in our truth. To not move to fear or lying when it seems like that would be easier. Lying perhaps is even the most common action. But we need to stand in bravery against hatred, against harming the weak. We need to continue speaking our highest truth.

Speaking our highest truth & standing in bravery is harder to do in an environment of hate & fear. That is why Nazi Germany created so much spiritual growth: people had the choice to stay safe, keep their heads down & allow the military to murder an innocent race for absolutely no reason. They were scared perhaps, that they would be next, or they would be punished if they stood up for what is right, that they wouldn’t be “liked” even.  The Hitler Youth was a program that was prestigious to belong to, with pressure to fit in, so people did it.

The push of society to fit in is strong. Yet many during WWII stood up for what was right during that time: helped hide Jewish people, brought food to them, fought in the resistance, did acts of extreme courage. They fulfilled their purposes of several lifetimes, and grew spiritually by living by love instead of fear. The time called for people to be their best selves to defeat the darkness.

Angels make sense of the 2016 Election

Bring Love where Love is Not

That is what needs to happen here, in this time in history. We need to commit ourselves to stopping the confusion, to making sure the truth is apparent and well known. The other, perhaps harder action we need to take is to stay in the space of love. Even in the face of hatred, judgement, misogyny, and crime, you stand in the truth of your love. If we become afraid of what Donald Trump stands for and does, we will be giving in to what others already have, to the forces of evil that created this situation.

So in the face of hatred, send these people love. Realize that they have to live with that hate 24 hours a day, and you get to let it slide right by you. They don’t know who you are anyway. They hate what you stand for, or what you do. THEY DO NOT KNOW THE TRUTH OF YOU! You are so much more than that. More Magnificent!  More Glorious! You are a Holy Being of God, loved beyond measure by spirit, and blessed beyond belief. You can do anything you believe, create an environment in which you flourish, a world that has fear on the run. IF, you are in the space of love. This is why not buying into fear is so important.

We may live an an environment that is harsher than what we thought last week. An environment that does not feel as hospitable, because it might not be at all times.  But that is why you are there: TO BRING LOVE WHERE LOVE IS NOT.

So do what you need to now to take care of yourself. Cuddle with your cats, hug your loved ones, cherish those that have the ability to know the truth of you. Don’t hate those in fear and indifference, because they already have their bodies marinating in a stew of negative emotions, that is punishment enough. You do not want to do that to YOUR body!  They don’t know that they are holy beings of God that function best in the higher vibration of love. They think the world is about confusion, anger, punishing someone, hating themselves. You don’t know what you don’t know. They don’t know that angels exist, that love is transformation, that everyone IS one being, one energy. That is punishment enough.

 We have a big job to do guys: we are here on this planet on this earth to change this hatred and fear to a love vibration. Those of us who stand in our truth need to support each other. Because everything made from the fabric of fear is an illusion. Love is always stronger than fear. Fear may win an election, but it cannot win the war. Consciousness always expands, moves higher. Don’t slide back into patterns of fear! We need all people able to stand in their truth to do so. Then this backslide of our country into fear will be a short, soul changing experience that brings out the best in all Americans.

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