There is a show currently on TV called  “Hoarders”. Flipping channels, I rested on it long enough to hear the therapist say, “The hoarder is living in the past & the future, and she has nothing in the present moment.”

Wow. Does that statement fit with some of the Universal truths we have been talking about here on this Blog? Like all FEAR is in the future or the past, not the current moment? And “all creating is done in present time, all the power is in the PRESENT moment.”

Having just had a birthday, and also having a not so secret fear that I too, am heading down hoarders lane, I wane philosophic on this topic. How do we get on that right road, that road that gives us what we need but doesn’t contain clutter?  I have been told many times by the guides that God will not tell us what to do, to be. He gives us talents, passions, opportunities and says, “Surprise me!” I am told that we will be given what we need for the present moment, and each present moment that appears on this path up the mountain of the magnificence we are all meant to be.  it is that single step that means the most to the Universe: if we do all of our single steps each day we show up in a place of mastery.

My mother worried a lot, and I would tease her with the quote, “Worry is an insult to God.” She never got what that statement meant.

Does that quote fit to hoarding? If we trusted the Universe to meet our needs, would we be holding on to so much STUFF?

Americans are “stuff” people. Just walk into a store, a Wal-Mart or Walgreen’s, and see all the “things” available to buy- many trendy “things” made of plastic and cardboard, not meant to even be around for the next year.  What does it say about us as a culture? That we believe that the one with the most stuff wins? Even if it is stuff that is meaningless crap.

“You cannot hold onto the old all the while declaring that you want something new. The old will defy the new; the old will deny the new; the old will decry the new.” Neil Donald Walsh

There is only one way to bring in the new. You must make room for it. Tenderly decide what to take with you, what to recycle, what to give to others. I have found even though I have gotten more spiritual, I still have just as much STUFF, not less. But as a ceramic & Jewelry artist, I VALUE STUFF, or I wouldn’t make it.

I am reminded of sessions done for clients wanting a new lover. Many of them still WERE IN A CURRENT relationship. The guides simply stated that no one new could drive their “car in the garage” or would even try when they drove by the clients’ house & saw a “car in the garage” already.  The ultimate in house cleaning, ridding ourselves of trysts that aren’t what we want in the new.

I leave you with a statement True told me: “butterflies cannot hang out with their caterpillar friends”


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