Communication. We do it everyday. With words, body movements, expressions, gestures. The bulk of human communication is in fact, non-verbal. At times, words fail us for feelings. You may have a strange angst, a vague feeling, a longing loneliness. This is how the professions of art and music have flourished: they allow us to communicate further in a non-verbal way.

Consider how you would communicate if you were not allowed to speak words. Or, if you did not know the language that the people around you were speaking. For example I have been in central Mexico, trying to get my point across to several non-English speaking people, I could not accomplish it but had to wait until a person who knew both English & Spanish came to my aid. Consider how we adopt words into our vocabulary. Do you use the words you learned in school? Have you learned words from literature that you have adopted as your own? Is your speaking vocabulary larger than your written vocabulary?

80% of human communication is non-verbal.

I bring these questions to light because I do something that is somewhat novel: I communicate with animals. I do this by focusing on the name and the type of animal, and can do it regardless if the animal is present, the owner is present or I am talking to them over the phone. It is my understanding that the animals who love us and who we love are connected to us by spirit, and their energy, their being if you will, is around us regardless of where their physical body is. IT is explained to me that it is similar to a radio station- you turn into that channel & pick up the information.


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