Elvis & SpikeI went to PACC ( Pima animal care center) and looked for kittens to foster. My heart lead me immediately to a cluster of baby kittens in a cage. I was told they had just come in. That is important at a shelter- lets get them out of there before they catch any illnesses floating around the other resident cats. Last year I took 12 foster kittens. Each of them got seriously ill. Frankie, who I have kept, is traumatized by all the iv,s I had to give him, and hides from people yet today. So I was due to just raise some healthy kittens to adoption age.

A black kitten, I named Sparky, an orange kitten, and a tortoiseshell kitten were the group. They were so young they had never eaten solid food. The first few days I fed them with syringe and my finger, the black one having a nasty habit of biting me. I try all kinds of food for foster kittens- that way they will love more variety of foods as an adult. I had silently hoped that the orange kitten was my spike, come back to me. If you compared a baby picture of spike to this kitten, you would not be able to tell the difference.

I have told many people their pets have reincarnated to them, even written about it in my book animal lover. Still when it is my personal pet, I knew I wouldn’t be sure unless I had definite proof.

That proof came thru behaviors. About three weeks into having the kittens, I heard strange meowing. I went to where I heard it, to see my baby spike throwing up just eaten cat food. I mean, it wasn’t even digested, it looked like it had when it was still on the plate. He threw up about once a day. Exactly like the old Spoke would do when he ate too much cat food! After day five, I decided to do something about it. Not wanting him to go thru life like that, I cleared the energy of scarcity from his past life. Baby Spike quit throwing up.

A This is an example of a behavior that had no reason to be in this kittens life. It was coming thru from the farm kitten he was in his immediate past life, when he was a kitten on the farm and knew if he didn’t eat the food, someone else would. It also made me realiZe I could have cleared that energy from my previous Spike at any time in his life. I had never thought of it. He lived his whole 14 year life with a version of bulemia- eating too much and purging. It is amazing what you can change about your belief systems if you simply state a different reality & add energy to it. If you could, what would you change about your pets belief systems? It is important to note.here that I changed another BEINGS soul contract/belief system, not my own. . It was a good refresher course for me in cancelling old contracts and replacing them with a more desirable outcome.

Spike is so happy to be in a young spritely body. He dances around, jumps, gleefully, twirls gracefully and bows to me. When I bend down to pick him up he sprints away. When I try to hold him too long, he meows at me, putting his front paws over his head and down repeatedly, as if to say enough! Enough! Enough! I have things to do! Adventures! The reason why I was born! to explore!

The last spike couldn’t meow. If he got locked in a closet, the trunk of the car ( why do cats have the inclination to go EVERWHERE?) he would stay there until he could make enough noise by knocking something over. This Baby Spike can meow. Even meow loudly! New and improved Spike! He also looks like he is going to have a more robust, longer tail. Elvis’s tail always put the old Spikey’s tail to shame.

I stared endlessly at the first Spike, since he always laid on my pillow with me at night. I would as him repeatedly why he had one black whisker. It made no sense- a yellow cat with one black whisker. But he never answered me. The second month of having baby spike- I saw it. It was there- a ginger tabby cat with white whiskers- except for one black one. That is why Spike had one black whisker. So when he reincarnated, I could recognize him.

I always tell my clients reincarnated pets usually have a birth mark or spot: that will be how you recognize them. Maybe a spot of cclor where the last pet had a scar. Spikes whisker is classic – I wouldn’t have believed. beyond Reason that it was my boy come back- however with the black whisker it was just too coincidental – and the Angels taught me long ago there are no coincidences. My scientific mind goes back to all the statistic classes I have taken, the laws of probability. This much coincidence is statistically impossible. But in a universe where love returns to love, it is more than common, it is Guarenteed.

Last night, I woke up to spike, playing around my head. Several times, he draped himself across my neck, and he knew enough to stay on “Spikes side of my body” so he didn’t upset lucie. Unlike I did to the last spike, I didn’t throw him across the room for waking me up. Instead I smiled. Baby spike is home.


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