At a metaphysical conference, I attended a conference lecture by astrologer I barely knew. I had read an email by him, and the other lecture choices I didn’t know anything about.

When the event began, the speaker talked about his credentials, how he was attached to famous metaphysicians of great stature  & he wasn’t “just an astrologer. I noticed the speaker was saying “I” a lot, and he was 15 minutes into his lecture he still hadn’t finished his reason for being there.  He had TWO publishing offers, both approaching HIM to write a book, he wasn’t one of those self publish low lifes. He started talking about Fate versus random accidents, and how if it is your time, it is “your time”.  Having just lost my mother and my angel dog a few months earlier, a ding-ding-ding of danger went off, because I really have been avoiding the topic. I was cutting myself some slack from an issue that obviously would put me in distress.   I considered the fact that the speaker probably wouldn’t delve too deep into that idea, and continued to listen.  He started talking about writing people’s charts, and how if he had your birth date and time of birth, he knew everything and then some about you.  (I know we have come here to experience free will, and it always seems to me that if everything is “already known” about your life, why even bother? My guides insist that we ALWAYS have a choice) His statement added a flashing red light to the ding-ding-ding sound. There was also a bit of arrogance and self-smugness I detected with the statement, like he “knew everything”.  Still I didn’t move.  Then, he said to consider two charts in front of him, both from beings that were six years old.  One was a chart of a dog, the other of a boy.  He said, (I wouldn’t make this up) that the chart of the dog wouldn’t say much, except perhaps that the dog liked to drink water out of the toilet, take walks, and poop.

I was stunned.  I could not even FATHOM that someone so “intelligent”, so “intuitive” would be so dismissive of the personality of a canine.  Plus, having talked to thousands of dogs, both live and dead, I KNOW it simply isn’t true.  Besides having worked with both people and dogs in readings, my best friends have been dogs.  Their personality, behavior and LOVE, are every bit as complex, purposeful, and joyous as any person I have ever met.  I knew that there was nothing more this man could say, or more exactly would say, (my belief is that he should have dropped to his knees and asked all dogs to forgive him) to consider him someone worthy of my attention.  I was flooded with all the wonderful miracles I have experienced having talked to canines: the joy, the love, the intelligence, devotion, action and selflessness.  I got up and walked out. I could not have been more insulted if he slapped my face 20 times and called me a liar and a whore. My guides boldly suggested that this is the reason I need to finish my book on my work with equines, canines and felines.  I guarantee you something else: I have never talked to a dog that went on for 15 minutes ABOUT HIMSELF and HOW GOOD HE WAS AT SOMETHING without mentioning a human.  Dogs come to serve us, and they frame their lives in relationship to ours.  If you have done something extraordinary or something extraordinarily simple, they mention how they are involved in your happiness. Robert Otto reaffirmed that I have to write my book. He totally dished dogs, and he mistakenly said that dogs are one-dimensional and ALL THE SAME.

I switched lectures, and immediately was embraced by the warm caring energy flowing from the speaker.  This happened to be Gregg Braden, author of  “The lost Mode of Prayer”, a book I highly recommend.  Braden was glowing with positive knowledge that needed to be shared, and I immediately know I had made the right choice and I was where I should be.  Looking back on the day, even as distressing, ignorant, and egotistical, the first speaker was, I needed to have been informed of the erroneous information some people believe. Being in that room, and for that amount of time, gave me exactly what I needed.  I knew my guides were helping make the decision of which lecture to attend, and while I thought of leaving 3 times, they urged me to “Just hold on a little longer” so I would understand some people thought very differently about fur baby reality than I did.

This is the ideal way to work with your guides. Know that you CAN leave an event or lecture if it is wasting your most precious asset, your time.  Know that whatever your choice is, you are safe and in control. Try to remember to do what I did in this case, hear the warning bells, check in with your gut and your guides, and make a different choice when you aren’t getting anything from an event.  It is said that we learn more from our enemies than our friends. I learned that some mystics are uninformed and do not honor our canine angels. I realized how urgently MY VOICE is needed in the world, that my knowledge of dog’s inner feelings (in fact that of all animals) needs to be known.

If you have a story or an experience to share with others who visit this site, please send it to me.  Animals have amazing stories, stories that deserve to be shared and honored by humans. The more people are educated about the angelic influences of animals on our lives, the more those same animals will be respected and treated with the care they deserve. If the roles were reversed, I know dogs, and even cats would do it for us in a heartbeat. The fabric of our lives is richer because the support, love, sheer beauty and comradery of animals have been woven into it.

Do not sit idly by when animal intelligence or purpose is being disputed. Get up and challenge the speaker with a well thought out question. Walk out.   Remember, ” a lie unchallenged remains the truth” (Dr. Phil!). The animals on this planet deserve better! Our animal challenged friends will be the better for it, and you have my promise that me and my guides are backing you up all the way.


1.   Some people see animals as one dimensional, and that is a misconception.

2.   Listen to the subtle (and not so subtle) messages from your body and your guides to make the most of your most precious research, your time.

3.   We must share our experiences with our beloved animal friends to educate others on the richness, joy, happiness and love available in their presence.

4.   You don’t need to SPEAK English to change the world.


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