I thank all of you who entered the contest, what makes your furbaby unique. One of the facts that was glaringly apparent to me, is that you all love your dogs and are loved by your dogs. That in itself is sacred, and I feel honored for you to have shared that with me. Dogs do not get written up in “who’s who in business” or run for elected office, but they do perform in such a way that we admire, and they get their humans thru the day.

My assistant, Tracy, doesn’t believe in winners & losers. She wants everyone to win a prize, and I agree on that with her. I know how precious your time is, and spending free time on the computer is a commitment. I hope by verbalizing how you feel about your animal, you have felt the love & energy that connects you, and I know will continue to connect you both no matter what is happening on the physical plane.

1.      Maggie, Webber Boo Boo and Oliver Jo

2.       Jeckle the shark mouth. John http://img.photobucket.com/albums/1003/thrulikewater/jecklelol.jpg April 11

3.       Huge family of animals. Jessica Yeargin  April 11

4.       Bella the service dog. Katheleen A Stagg April 27

5.   Dash the humper.  Rebecca   http://www.thephillydog.com/?p=1251 April 7

All 5 of you are receiving a 20 minute reading- (a $60 value) please call 520-749-4182 to set up or get ahold of Ann by email: AnnMarieHoff@aol.com

Sorry it has taken me so long to name the winners of the contest. My own fur baby Gracie had several seizures last week, (7 to be exact) & my worry & concern for her took up time I usually spend writing & working. She is doing okay now, or at least as well as can be expected of a dog on Phenobarbital. This has opened me to the world of seizures, and how many dogs have them, many without their humans ever finding out a cause. I will inform you of our journey into that realm, the reasons and input I receive from spirit. I know you all wish Gracie love & support, and if you find time, say a blessing for my wonderful brave girl. I sleep with her under my arm at night now, so that if she has a problem while sleeping, I know.


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