Note: I wrote this post last year, when I was pro-active in my search & mapping of Mercury In Retrograde. It seems this time I have  been caught unaware again,  I did not find out till yesterday that Mercury is again, going backwards across the sky.  I would like to say that this is superstition, but the fact that I realize it after  I am in a swampy mess, doesn’t ring true to that.

Even when you do have interaction with your guides, it can be hard to discern their voices over the voice of your self or your ego. With me, it is still not my first thought to check in with my guides. When things start to be bumpy, and it is obvious I am not in the place I am supposed to be, I do an internal check with my guides to hear the answer, or do an internal check and use the pendulum to confirm the answer. When you are on the path you are supposed to be on, it will seem like everything is falling into place and moving ahead smoothly.

Sometimes this can be compounded by the time of the year (Mercury in Retrograde affects me intensely since I am a Gemini. I didn’t really pay any attention to astrology, until I would have things falling apart at my feet and wondering why my life was so bumpy, I would call my instructor and she would simply state: “Mercury is in Retrograde.” After the third time this happened, I started writing down when Mercury went into Retrograde in every calendar I owned.

Life is a lot smoother when I plan travel and appointments before Mercury goes into Retrograde. Also, another person’s energy field, thoughts or intent could be interacting with you. As an empath I feel other people’s emotions and pain intensely at times, without consciously knowing I have picked up this person’s energy or meaning to. When you have an ache or pain, it is important to ask the simple question, “Does this pain/idea come from inside of me or outside of me?” and confirm the answer with your pendulum. As I have shared before, I became a medium because I had intense, daily pain that was no longer responding to medication.

This is still something I check on and protect for on a daily basis. Trust me, it is much easier (and less expensive) to put up a shield and clear your energy field than to go to a physician and take prescription medication.


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