In less than a week Samson & I will be going back to Las Vegas to attend the SuperZoo Convention.  The last time Samson and I were in Los Vegas, we tried to see all the sights that Vegas had to offer. We went to the fountains at the Bellagio, the inside displays at the Bellagio, and the Gigantic Dog Statutes at the Luxor. Sam of course was laid back and fabulous. He LOVED to sit at the feet of the giant dog and show him that modern day cats have moxie!

When we looked at the 10 best places to see in Los Vegas, the list varied. We went to Liberace’s museum, only to find the gates locked because of low attendance. So we have a picture of us outside the locked gate. We also skipped the Chocolate fountain, which is on the strip; Samson had no desire to see more water after the noise the fountain at the Bellagio made, and he isn’t supposed to have chocolate anyway.

Another disappointment was the house that Michael Jackson’s Thriller video was filmed, a place called Hacienda Palomino. It is now private property, and after a phone call I was told that they no longer allow individuals to come and visit the amazing sight.  Double Bummer. Because it was a drive, Samson and I didn’t even go by to see a locked gate, we just scratched that one off the agenda.

Then we found something that made the whole sight-seeing trip to Los Vegas worth it. You see on the list of top ten places to visit in Los Vegas is a large sculpture of a Ginger Cat’s head, named Snowball!

Snowball is located at the corner of First Street and Coolidge, which seems to be an arts district.  We were directed at the site to get a #RiskySelfie with Snowball for Instagram, and then also #SnowballSelfie.

Snowball was created by Sculptor Jesse Smigel and was conceptualized by the artist to be a public photo opportunity for humans to stand before the tongue and pose as if the cat is licking your back or head.  Snowball was created out of  100% carved Styrofoam & finished with a hard coat (Rhino truck liner).

Samson, in true explorer- adventure cat fashion, jumped up on Snowball and started exploring. I had to trust him that he was coming back to me. It was a clear blue sky, and the look of a small ginger cat on a gigantic ginger cat head with his tongue out is too precious for words. Samson thinks it should be a religious ceremony- for ALL ginger cats to come and have their photograph taken with Snowball!  Luckily Samson came down off the sculpture and I got to take a few photos with us in front of the Snowball’s face.

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