Do you listen to the voices in your head? I think we all have them. But since I have been channeling, I have learned more about the vibration on every message, every voice. When a thought comes through my head, I also get the information on the exact time that thought became part of my repertoire. I can tell the thoughts that I have ingested whole from my mother (linke “eating casseroles will make you fat”) and also the insecurities (I thought I was uncoordinated and unathletic as a child. Then one day recently the Angels shared with me that my mother had those feelings about herself, and I picked up that I was exactly the same way. I.e., it wasn’t really true for me, but it was true for her, and I believed it, so it manifested in my life).

The thing I have been dense on, that I just picked up the hard way this last week is something very simple, but I guess also profound. That no thought comes in my head randomly. I have known this when I am doing readings. The angels will bring up stories to tell my clients, and they will always be a metaphor for what the client is going through, or some straight forward advice on how a situation like the one they are in (which I won’t even have been told of yet) is resolved.

Sometimes new clients complain because I am randomly talking about life, and I tell them anything that is said isn’t random, there is a meaning in it for them. Because I have done this for years, I trust the process and what the Angels communicate. After a few sessions with me, clients understand this too.

So with that background, it is amazing to me that I ignore those stories when they go through my own mind for me. For example, I had a client that had been recommended to me from another client. Because she was a recommendation, I didn’t run her through my website scheduling, but booked her myself and had her pay me by credit card. When it is booked this way, I don’t have any recourse if a client challenges the charge. But hey, she was recommended to me by a client I have had for many years.

When she was stating the card number to me over the phone, I noticed that the number sequencing was different than Visa. I asked her, and she said it was an American Express card. When she said that, a situation I had previously wafted through my mind: a client that used an American Express card that stiffed me. I don’t get that many Amex cards, but looking back at it, it was interesting that that specific situation was what came to mind. I took the number, and ran it through Square.

I did several more sessions with this client, having her credit card on file like I do with many clients. I had told her my fee upfront, though I didn’t give her a precise dollar amount on each call. To me, that would be like asking for the same lunch every day, but not expecting to pay if I didn’t agree to the price before EACH MEAL. This is a hot topic for me, because I really got into this business to help people, but I also have to be paid for my time so I can do silly stuff like pay my mortgage and buy food for my cats and horses. I have a price that is stated on the website and I always say when I first make contact with a client.

Surprisingly, after she was charged around $500, this woman denied all the charges. When I emailed her about it, she was indignant, because well, I didn’t tell her how much those subsequent sessions would be. (Of course she wasn’t paying me for the first session either) She actually was angry at me like it was somehow my fault I expected to be paid for my services. Reading the email, I again remembered the flash I had on the Amex Client that didn’t pay. That flash hadn’t been out of the blue. I was being warned this woman wasn’t going to pay me.

Then this happened ten days ago. My girlfriend and I were riding in the wash on a Sunday. It had been raining for several days, and there was water in part of the wash, though not enough to fill it to the banks. I got nervous that it is Spring in Tucson and that is the time that sink holes are supposed to be present in the washes. I chose a path on the side of the wash that was in darker sand, thinking it was more solid dirt. Plus, there were hoof prints so someone had navigated the path before me. Yet I couldn’t shake the feeling that sink holes may be present. I was telling my girlfriend about a time when I was in the Sabino Canyon wash, with a neighbor, both of us on horseback. I had heard her make a little noise, then when I looked over at her, saw that her horse was in the sand and only his neck was showing. She was very brave, jumped off and lead her horse out of the sink hole.

While I was recounting this story, my horse Rowdy started struggling to walk. Suddenly my right foot, while still being in the stirrup was standing on the ground. I stepped out of the stirrup, thinking I might have to lead him out of a sink hole. Next, with a heroic effort, he lifted his powerful hind leg and thrust it forward, to get out of the sand. When doing this, he stepped on my right foot with his right hind leg. I don’t blame him; he was struggling to save himself.

It is hard not to panic when the ground seriously gives out from underneath you. Unfortunately, I still had my left leg over his back. When he stepped on my foot, it was on my bunion and the arch. As he put his weight on it, my foot twisted so he was standing on the side of it. I could hear my hip joint crack loudly at least three times. Just in case I didn’t understand what just happened, the Angels showed me a video replay of what happened in my head.

If I had understood why I was getting the saga of the previous sink hole incident, I might have stopped and not continued down the wash. I knew it was the time of year that sink holes were common. They are kind of like the loch ness monster though- you hear they exist but you never know for sure and you can’t tell in advance where they are.

I find it amazing that the angels talk in stories. Yet I know this. Part of it is because they don’t judge, they don’t tell us what to do, they just show us what happens in other similar situations. I have a fantastic connection with them too. When I get an image in my head, I can ask them why this particular topic is coming up. I can ask more questions. But I haven’t. I haven’t been aware that I am getting pertinent information to help me make better choices.

I am teaching an Angel and Spirit Guide class soon, I have the syllabus written and have created the presentations. One of the things I want you all to know, is that you don’t need to hear a certain “voice” in your head that is an Angel. I worked with them for months before I heard them. Everybody gets information a little differently. But we all get it. We ALL have Angels and Spirit Guides, and they are always with us. (Unless we tell them to leave by saying something to ourselves like, “I am all alone “and then they go far enough away that we can’t feel them but they are still on call.).

I am still learning. Sometimes I am denser than I possibly think I should be. But maybe we all are. We are told that Angels aren’t real, that information is logical, and we don’t focus on what the voices in our heads are saying. I would like you to learn what I need to learn too, so I am teaching it. I know when I do it, I will know the subject even more profoundly. It emboldens me to see the miracles that are produced in other people’s lives by helping them frame what is happening in their lives in a way they prevent hardships and learn why and how they are attracting situations into their lives.

As for me, I just need to ask a few more questions. Like, “Am I getting this memory because something similar is happening again?”. If ONLY I had asked my guides that in my head, I wouldn’t have a throbbing foot with torn muscles on my right leg currently.

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