When I do soul coaching & sessions, #1 question is: What Is My Life’s Purpose?

Incredibly, “Am I on purpose?” is the question I am most frequently asked in intuitive sessions. Most people I work with think that their purpose is a simple statement, like a fortune cookie fortune, written plainly in a sentence.

However, we aren’t given distinct orders like that. Instead, the Universe gives you passions and talents, saying:  “Surprise me!”.  If this were not the case, there would never be any new professions. There would not be a Bill Gates, a Walt Disney, a John Glenn or an Albert Einstein as we know them today. All of these people created a profession that did not exist before they went down their soul’s path. One of Gods many gifts to us is our passion and joy. What you do with that passion and joy is your gift back to God and the Universe. We have come to this life to create, and nothing is out of our reach, especially if we are connected with the Universe’s amazing support.

You see, we have God within. That makes us an equal to the divine creator and is the reason he will never tell us what to do.

Tips for knowing when you are on your soul’s true purpose:

  • When considering your soul’s purpose, think of a way of being, not necessarily a profession. For example, when I was in Medical Sales, I committed to being in present time with each person I interacted with, treating them with caring and love. This was in accordance with my main purpose, that of being a messenger of Universal love. By doing this in my medical profession is as valid as a person who became a minister to carry out that purpose.
  • IF you are stuck on “purpose” having to do with a profession think of it this way. My purpose is being a messenger and teacher. With that purpose, I could be a public speaker, a teacher, a politician, religious figure or a mom teaching a child that the Universe loves them beyond measure. How I create the painting of my purpose is up to me, it is my creation.
  • That is actually my purpose, to be a messenger. I can do that by speaking to you, being on a TV show, writing, creating my art, or talking to someone one on one.
  • When I am on my purpose, I don’t lose energy, because Universal Energy supports me. It is not up to me whether someone UNDERSTANDS the message or not. That is one of the places I get caught up. If someone doesn’t understand the message I share, I will repeat it. I will say it many times in a different way, hoping that it gets through and is understood. That is where I lose energy. It is exhausting for me. It is also outside my purpose, so I am not as supported as when I simply state the message.
  • I cannot MAKE someone understand what I am saying unless they are ready and want to! What helps is the guides remind me that people can only learn one grade up from where they are. Someone in Spiritual Kindergarten isn’t going to understand a college concept.
  • I have had clients headed toward incredible pain and destruction, yet unable to change the course of their life. I have no control over that. However when people DO get the message I have, that allows me to pat myself on the back and give myself an ‘Atta girl”. I enjoy it more to see my clients flourish instead of falling off the cliff knowing that the cliff was up ahead. But with free will, it is the client’s choice, and they may learn something I am not aware of. It is not MY soul’s path, I am just an observer, a messenger. You never know if someone will get the information today or 5 years from now. It is really none of my business even.
  • The man, who taught me to paint in the style that I do, never got to see the art I created with it. In the drawing class, he taught, I was just copying what he told me to do to get an A in the class. It wasn’t until five years later that I SAW the way the style worked and understood it. Yet that was the greatest gift an art professor has ever given to me. Luckily, I remembered what he taught me so that when I was capable of comprehending it, the message was still there.
  • Like there is a true north, there are directional signs pointing you towards your purpose. You can ascertain if you are spinning your wheels, actually moving away from your purpose, or heading down the path.
  • If the right “job” isn’t there, the money isn’t there, or you think it is just the economy, you need more information. (If this comes up with a client, many times the spirit guides say, “Tell them to ask more questions” When you have access to all information (which you do through your spirit guides & angels) the question becomes the most important thing).

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