There is a Sufi saying: That which is meant to hit you, couldn’t have missed you. That which is meant to miss you, couldn’t have hit you.”

That statement calms me down whenever I hear it. I take it to mean that the Universe has a plan, a symmetry, and unless it is our time, we will not die. I know this to be true also, because the Angels tell me that the ONLY time they can help humans (Without us asking for help) is if we are going to die before our time. Then they can interfere with our will, our bad luck, or misfortune, and save us.

I bring this up, because of the hysteria that has kicked up this week over the Convid19 . Every time we turn on TV, you hear how many people have died. How the government and hospitals may be overwhelmed. Hours upon hours of experts, comments, school closings, festivals cancelled, March Madness cancelled, pro basketball season ended. Vegas is closed! New York has half the cases in the United States.

In Tucson, the stores are out of TOILET PAPER!!! Why??? Explain to me how that is going to help you or your neighbors NOT get sick from COV-19. Please, take what you need but do not hoard.

The fearmongering is palatable. But is it the highest place to be? Obviously not. The two most useless emotions are worry and guilt. So my goal is to make it thru the pandemic with as little of both of those emotions as possible. Remember, that love vs. fear is an on/off switch. You can’t be in fear and love at the same time. I chose love. I will ALWAYS chose love. I invite you to join me.

Caroline Myss has a story about driving through Watts during a riot. While sitting at a stop light, she saw someone being pulled out of the car behind her and beaten savagely. Then she looked ahead of her, and saw the same thing happening to the people in the car in front of her. Instead of becoming fearful or panicking, Caroline simply thought, “This has nothing to do with me.”. Then she drove thru the riot unscathed.

This pandemic Is a chance to practice the law of attraction. To NOT attract the worse possible scenario, but instead say “that has nothing to do with me” and metaphorically drive through the next months without buying into the hysteria, or at the very least, not making it worse.

Another quote from Myss is “the first time to talk to your angels isn’t when you have cancer or HIV.”. We have worked with the laws of attraction for parking places, getting the guy you like to call you, or manifesting a new car. This pandemic gives us an opportunity to deflect a crisis. To do what is necessary, yet to not buy into the drama. To actually BELIEVE that the Universe has your back, and that COV-19 isn’t meant to hit you. At the very least, take baby steps to believe that the Universe is neutral, and not out to end us all. Take precautions, do what the government asks as far as social distancing, sheltering in place, but please, please do not give in to fear.

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