It doesn’t take a psychic to tell you that 2020 wasn’t a normal year. Because of that, it is a great time to reflect on what this year has taught us. When schedules change, it is interesting to find out what we miss, what we are attached to, and what falls away without a care, even though it may have been something that occupied much of your time previously.

Whenever there is a hardship or a change in life, it is important to look for the lesson in it.

I always ask the question, “What am I to be learning here? “If the answer doesn’t come to you immediately, sit with the question awhile. There is always a gift in every situation. Don’t force the answer, but wait for it to come thru from spirit. This is a great way to use mediation. Say your question before when you sit down. Then clear your mind and see what enters. Many times, I get information about situations when I am driving. It is one of the Angels favourite times to slide in information.

Also, there are gifts that we have received from this year. Personally, I have gotten much better at doing online presentations. It is a skill I would not have cultivated this quickly, and something I needed to learn. I am thankful for this year for making me stretch my wings on that.

I already did much of my work online, so that is the same. But I LOVE doing metaphysical conventions, horse expos, pet expos and cat cons. They served to satiate that need in me to be social, to share ideas, make new friends and be around people who love what I love. That has been tough to live without. I would like to say that it has helped me to plan what my new approach to events will be, but I haven’t. It seems best to stay grounded in the now.

My work can be very solitary. This year has made it even more so. However, I have learned that limiting the people I talk to, and what I chose to ingest as far as news and entertainment, has helped me keep my vibration higher. There is a reason monks live in monasteries. To a certain degree, that is what this year has been for me. I don’t want to stay this way, but it has made me realize how keeping my input pristine helps keep me where I am happiest.

Speaking of input, I started searching all over for entertainment on the web and TV. I have all the streaming services and have been going thru any series that looks good. In the depth of the doldrums and constant horrible news on TV, I started watching old shows on YouTube. I found pleasure in the Craig Ferguson late shows from 2010, when we had a functioning government and a crazy funny Scottish man made me laugh on a nightly basis. The jokes are still as good! From there I have gone to watching old Dean Martin variety shows, The Sonny and Cher Show, I also started watching John Prine concerts, having my mini wake for a man that has given the world forty years of amazing songwriting.

I have gotten even closer to my fur family. They support us always, but on a normal year, I am leaving for weeks at a time, allowing them to fend for themselves with a sitter. Now, my cats are next to me most of the day when I am writing, and I make sure that my dog and I take those long nourishing walks. I am not so quick to slap a cat if she jumps on me unexpectedly, and listen more to their needs.

Samson and Lucie are suffering from the change too- they haven’t been allowed to visit the hospitals for pet therapy like usual. Samson was going to do 4 cat cons. Instead, he has been home playing “is this a bird” with me. I have a cat who has visited 25 states before the age of 3, he isn’t satisfied to sit around as a house cat. We have done a few ticktock videos, but it doesn’t replace going to events and being seen by thousands. Luckily our relationship is the focus (I never make Sam do anything he hasn’t agreed to) so this break year won’t be a deal-breaker. I have ordered him more hats, something we both enjoy. So we are ready to meet the world afresh.

I know I have not mentioned the political vitriol that this year went thru. That has been an awakening to how many live in a split reality. I still believe that the truth is stronger than a lie. I know from the angels that the truth will always come out. The new energy of 2021 will be more conciliatory. We are moving to a time of greater empathy and oneness. Unfortunately, there are people who feel threatened by that. The ground is shifting under their feet, and they feel they have to scheme, fear monger and kvetch to keep their reality. They won’t. The clinging they are doing will only make the transition more painful and chaotic. A new age is upon us. To use it to your advantage, throw yourself forward into it, do not cling to a past that only exists in movies and memories.

I also cannot talk about 2020 without mentioning the 325,000 souls and counting that have crossed to the other side. As a medium, I spend more time talking to the dead than those alive some days. I can tell you that people have crossed to help work with the transition to a higher vibration on the planet. Others made the soul decision to leave. While these deaths were not a sure thing, on a soul level they were accepted. All drama is on this side of the veil.

When I talk to these deceased loved ones on the other side, they are in heaven, ensconced in Christ consciousness. They are rooting for us, hoping that we make the transition to the higher consciousness without having to die. We can. We can have heaven on earth. It is learning how to hold the hand of love instead of fear. We will make mistakes. Baby steps to higher consciousness are the only thing that will make you truly happy. Do you really think you were put on this earth to collect Porsche’s and Chanel bags?

Before 2020 turns into 2021, do some introspection. Find the gifts that this year has given you, the self-knowledge that was gained from it. After doing self-introspection, you have new timber, see it as a respite, that you are coming forward refreshed, with a stronger determination to live your purpose.

Remember, we are not meant to be miserable. Our default is happiness.

God loves us so much he wouldn’t force us to be happy. Each of us has to make that choice, ourselves. If you can’t get there yourself, make an appointment with me. Talking to your Angels and Guides is a sure way to find your path to happiness, to make muddled messages clearer. They can help you find your purpose, and create a road map to it. Best of all, after talking to them, you know that you are never ever alone.

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