(a continuing thread on the Law of Attraction)

There is a reason why many people try the “Secret” (what the movie on Law of Attraction was called) and it doesn’t work for them. You have to understand how it works, and it isn’t as simple as a paragraph. I am going to be talking more about how to manifest your best reality so that we all understand the law of attraction more thoroughly. I will also keep you updated on my quest to stop shooting myself in my own foot.

The way to get around creating negative consequences for yourself is to create ways to lighten up your belief systems. Think of it this way. You attract what you vibrate at. If you are judging, criticizing, being mean to people, you will attract people that judge you, citizen you and are mean to you. If you don’t want people to treat you this way, then you have to switch up your behavior.

However, I had spent my whole life being judgmental, critical and tough on myself and others. I was raised believing that you looked at a situation, found the PROBLEM, and fixed it. That you HAD to be critical of something, then you could fix it and make it even better. This was the way I approached my artwork. It was the way I made my articles and speeches better. I didn’t know another way to improve myself. I was never harder on others than I was on myself.

Somewhere along the road, before I had heard of law of attraction, I came up with the idea to change how I approached people. You see, I don’t know if it was my critical thinking, sorority upbringing or all over itchiness, but when I first saw someone, I would be very critical of their appearance, their intelligence, their actions.

To combat this, I made myself a deal. I decided that before my hamster brain with its twenty reasons someone wasn’t cool engaged, I would give that person 2 compliments, out loud if possible. I would notice that a guy had a beautiful tie on, someone’s hair was a gorgeous shade, or tell that person I’ve known forever that I admired their dependability.

It took a while, but after months of formalin making myself compliment people instead of criticizing them, it started to become second nature. I no longer reached for what was wrong with someone. Instead, I saw what a bright spot of joy that person’s humor was.

So I challenge you. Create 2 compliments for every person you see during a day. If you spend every day with someone, come up with at least 1 compliment a day that is new. Do this for the next 30 days. Then share with me how it changes your life.

Happy complimenting!

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