Along with the holidays, is the stress of going to more events, eating more, spending more money, burning the candle at both ends. Partner that with spending more time with family that you may have a negative history with, and holidays can seem like navigating landmines.

So I want to share with you a revelation that I have had. That is that guilt is a useless emotion!

Here is what Emmanuel says about guilt:

“The most destructive, the most useless, the most stagnant energy of all is guilt.” – Emmanuel

So I recommend that you try a new interaction with loved ones this holiday. Enjoy each other! Don’t fret that you didn’t make someone’s favorite dish, or didn’t get them the correct gift. Promise that you will be guilt proof!

Even better, promise yourself you WON’T GUILT anyone. If your daughter decides to visit her husband’s relatives instead of you, bless that journey and make plans to see them on another date. If somebody forgot to pick something up, don’t make it a big deal.

If you do get your feelings hurt during this time, honestly share that with the person who hurt your feelings. Then forgive them and let it go.

Guilt is a big zapper of spiritual energy. Don’t short change yourself by investing in it.

Have an incredible holiday instead!

Emmanuel on Guilt

Here is the rest of what Emmanuel has to say on Guilt:

How do I meet something I’m ashamed of or sorry for?
With honest remorse.
Honest remorse springs from the heart
and quickly cleanses.

Responsibility for an act is commendable.
Responsibility and guilt are two different things.
Guilt is negative, unrealistic.
Responsibility is mature and will take you
out of the forest and into the Light.

In the feeling that your imperfection
is liable for another’s pain,
you gave your world with guilt.

The most destructive, the most useless,
the most stagnant energy of all is guilt.
It means nothing and glues all things to a stop.
There is a sense of blindness, of suffocation
and aloneness. The world is opaque.
There is seemingly no escape.

It is the denial of the God light within you
and of the yearning to be at one with God
that causes the very real sense of guilt.
That is the self-betrayal of the soul.

Not only is there no punishment in God
but there is no punishment in the universe.
You dear human beings seem to feel
that punishment had better be self-inflicted
before God gets to you.

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