Stop with the New Year’s Resolutions & do Affirmations instead!

Are you someone who always sets a few (or a considerable amount) resolutions each New Year? If so, how long do you last before you forget about them? Do you set a timeline on when you will complete your goal in the resolution? What comes to mind for me immediately is: “lose 10 pounds.”. It is that eternal resolution goal that I have had since I was in college. I am sure I have lost and regained those 10 pounds a thousand times. The track record on it is that the resolution hasn’t made a lasting impact on my life.

Why do you do resolutions? Are you, like I used to be, optimistic about a New Year, ready to be a brighter better version of last year’s self. A new year always presents itself with such promise, coming off of a festive Christmas season you feel renewed like you have the power to do what you want, that you can be a better version of yourself.

Then the year starts, you get new demands from your job for the New Year, getting involved in the flow of everyday life suddenly your affirmations are in the dust heap and not achieved.

So this year, do something easier that will actually bring results. I challenge you to create affirmations instead of resolutions.

An affirmation is creating a statement about how your life will be in the future. The statement needs to be in the present time, and fairly short so you can memorize it like a mantra. It is explained to me that it is like creating a room to walk into it. If you haven’t done affirmations before, now is the best time to start!

Some rules about writing affirmations.

  • Make them present time or even better like what you want has already happened. Think of it as CLAIMING what you want by saying it is yours.
  • Make it positive. The Universe only responds to vibration. There is “no” negative vibration. It is like telling your dog to “not sit”. They will hear sit and do that.
  • This asks for a commitment to who you are going to be. If you don’t do this, you will just get more of the same of what you have gotten. Think of what you would love for your life to be like!
  • Make sure that you set the affirmation in real-time. Many people have things they are going to do “someday”. Plant it in real-time as it has already happened, or you create the bridge for it to happen.
  • Hold yourself accountable. Make these affirmations and then chant them each day. Put them in a location that you see & repeat them several times a day. I like to use the visor on my car to keep them on, and also on the mirror in the bathroom.

Start now. No time better than the present to create your better self!

Some examples of great affirmations.

  • “I am always lucky in love.”
  • “Things are always working out for me.”
  • “I have a career I love, and I am doing important work.”
  • “I am a 4th-degree black belt. (Said as a 3rd degree).”

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