Working with the Angels & Guides, I am constantly reminded how things are manifested by vibration. That gratefulness and thankfulness are very high vibrations and will attract to us other high vibrational situations.

One of my Angels constantly reminds me that to be grateful is the best prayer, and also that EVERY thought is a prayer. Consider using the holidays to not only be thankful for what is in your life but what is coming.

Because that is how we call our future to us, we create it with our beliefs, stories and thoughts. Like the aborigine boy tells Nicole Kidman in “Australia” we “sing” our future to us.

I know for many of us, Thanksgiving has evolved into a holiday where we eat as much food as we possibly can, and then watch football on TV. Many of us meet with family we only see once or twice a year. This year, because of Covid19, perhaps we won’t see those people at all.

I have a perspective that very few living people ever get to enjoy. I have talked to thousands of people on the other side who have had a life review in Heaven. To my clients, these people from the other side apologize for having hurt them without knowing it, for not taking time to spend with them when it was available, for working / gambling / being away / drinking / saying “No”  too much. They never want to talk about what they believed about politics, or who had or has a better car.

They make sure that the client knows they loved them. Even the people who couldn’t say they loved you when they were alive, say it from the other side. Some are apprehensive to say it for the first time, so they send ME the “feeling” to share with the person I am reading for.

Almost everyone on the other side brings up that they are watching their loved ones down here. Many cops to being disagreeable when they were alive, now in Heaven they get to watch the family members here on Earth continue that pattern of fighting & being obstinate, an addiction they tell me they have passed down to their descendants.

After hearing all these stories of families growing and going, feeling all the love that flows down through the generations, from heaven to earth and back again, is to trust that. To understand that you are deeply loved, not just by those around you living now, but by those who are on the other side, and relatives that you may have never met. The most common thing I hear is a Grandmother or Grandfather coming through to talk, only to have my client say, “I never knew my grandmother”. What happens is that the grandparent has just left their life and has some free time on their hands in heaven to watch you grow up. To be your extra “guardian Angel” if you will. Plus, we travel in what is called soul pods. This means we reincarnate together as a family, being related and family over and over again.

The Universe has our back. All drama is on this side of the veil. I channel people in Heaven every day, and I get to feel the joy and happiness they have up there. Yet they are still connected to the earth plane and watching what we are doing here. Helping us when they can. Remembering truly wonderful and unique moments they have had with their loved ones.

So my advice is to make some of those moments this week with your friends, loved ones and family members. It doesn’t have to be in person. However, what it DOES have to be is AUTHENTIC. Don’t hide who you are because you are afraid people will judge you. Because if you put up a shield in front of yourself, people will never know the real you. They CAN’T love YOU because they don’t really know who you are. If someone judges you, they can’t love you. But if you don’t let them know who you really are, well then, you don’t ever find out they love you no matter what. You take that choice away from them.

Be brave! The cool thing about not having any secrets – is that no one can shame you anymore!

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend. Blessings and love to you and all your family, including the 4 legged and those who have crossed.

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