Who are you?

It’s a simple enough question, but one that is actually quite complicated to answer. We aren’t asking for your name. And we aren’t asking you to define who you are by the job that you do. Rather, we are asking you to tell us what makes you tick. We are asking you to explain the values that make up your character and personality. We are asking you to let us know more about your true self, away from the labels that other people have imposed upon you.

So, we ask again.

Who are you? 

Stuck for words? As we said, it is a complicated question to answer

But there are ways to find out more about the inner you, and you can do this in the following ways.


Take time each day away from others

While there is no harm in being around other people, you might forget about the inner you because of the focus you place on them. You might focus your attention on supporting their needs rather than your own. And you might allow them to tell you who you are, instead of searching your soul to find a more personal answer. 

So, remove yourself from others occasionally, and this includes those relationships that you maintain on social media. 

Spend more time alone, perhaps by taking a walk or by sitting with your thoughts in a place where there are no distractions. 

During these times, reconnect with yourself, and without forcing yourself to think too hard, let your mind wander back to those moments when you last felt truly in control of your life. With no other voices getting in the way, you might remember more about your personal values, and the things that make you feel happy. Reflect on these things, note them down, and remind yourself of them the next time you start to lose your sense of self.


Get away from it all

Get away from everything; the people you call your friends, your workplace, and even your home. Take time away on vacation, but visit somewhere that will give you the headspace to think, reflect on your life, and relax in an environment where your stressors can’t affect you. 

One way to do this is to head out onto a spiritual retreat. Consider the benefits of these life-changing Ayahuasca retreats, for example. With the opportunity to soothe both your mind and body through meditation, personal healing, and some fantastic scenery, you have a ready-made environment to help you learn more about your inner self. Book a stay or search online for other opportunities. 

You might also choose to visit a place that is completely devoid of other people. You might rent a cabin in the midst of the wilderness or at the foot of a mountain, for example. Or you could go backpacking through a place of quiet isolation. You can then meditate your own way, or you could do other things that will relax your mind, and in the process, you might reconnect with your inner being. 

In short, choose anywhere that will offer you opportunities for quiet and gentle self-contemplation. By taking time for relaxation in your busy life, where it’s just you, your thoughts, and an environment that will inspire you to ponder on your role in the world, you might just discover more about yourself.


And so…

Who are you? It’s not an easy question to answer, but if you can find opportunities to reflect on your life, you might one day be able to give us a true response. Let us know when you know more!

Take care, and thanks for reading!

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