Because my site is called “RosezellasWay” many people assume that my name is Rosezella. It is odd to be called that, I don’t answer to it. Actually I have always felt a little cheated: just having “Ann” as a moniker. Once I filled out a form on line, and they wouldn’t take me, my name was simply “too short”. That is why I have been going by Ann Marie as of late. However, I was just to Sedona, and everyone in Sedona has either changed their name or has thought about it. One reason I used Rosezella (my grandmother’s name) for my website is that I have never seen anyone but my grandmother named that. The other reason is that my grandmother caused me to be on this metaphysical path: because of her my belief system changed from a rational based reality, to a much deeper, loving magical, mystical, metaphysical realm.

God always sends at least one person to save you when you are in a bad situation, one person who is your ally, binging with them the possibility of change. For me that person was my grandmother, Rosezella, my father’s mother.

I cannot look at my childhood without remembering my health battles.  As a youngster, I was very sick, so sick in fact, that they did not expect me to live. My parents routinely told me: “You could die tonight”. Then there was the prayer:“If I die before I wake”. To make my fear complete, I had a cousin that died in her sleep, so I knew it could happen.

I missed more days of first and second grade than I attended and was hospitalized 14 times before I was thirteen.  One year my hospital stay was over both Christmas and New Years, a very lonely was to spend the holiday. Another time the hospital was so crowded, I had a bed out in the hall. These situations were made worse by the fact that my dad never once made it to the hospital during hours, while my mom would rush in ten minutes before visiting hours ended. My grandmother, well, my grandmother was both my rock and my light.

I spent a fair amount of time with my grandmother as a child, and she taught me to be a person with strong beliefs. She took me dining at her favorite tearoom, and had them stock hotdogs in the kitchen specifically for me, even though they were not on the menu. She traveled to all 48 states by train, sending me postcards from each one. Her song for me was “you are my sunshine”

My grandmother let me play in her GOOD jewelry box, taught me how to make round ice cubes and kept peanut butter cups in the freezer for me. She sang “You are my sunshine” to me daily. In short, she made me feel loved, and was consistent about it.

My grandmother died when I was 8 years old. She had lived with us; my dad had built an extension onto the house for her to live in, with her own kitchen & living room, a full apartment, really. So when she passed, she physically left my life, after having been in it every day.

Decades later, after I called Tucson, Arizona home, my mother gave me what was left of my grandmother’s jewelry.  A short time later, my house was burglarized: all the jewelry was stolen. I was bereft, knowing that if I had left the jewelry in Illinois, I would still have it. The burglar was actually caught months later, and I had a few single earrings returned to me. Why the guy had single earrings I will never know. My roommate and I received 62 single earrings back. An earring from my favorite crystal necklace & earring set of my grandmothers was returned, more of an insult than a comfort. It reminded me of the gorgeous gems what I previously owned.

Fast-forward half a decade. I arrived home from a particular hard day of work, to find the SECOND EARRING on the floor in the middle of my bedroom. Until this point in my life, I did not completely embrace or believe in the metaphysical realm. My background is science: an MS in Animal Science Immunology/Nutrition from the University of Arizona, a double major in Art and Animal Science from the University of Wisconsin-Platteville, and a professional career in medical science.

That day my world shifted permanently. An earring, a physical item, had materialized as the saying goes, “out of thin air”. New carpet had been installed a year before, the room had been totally stripped for then. I vacuumed twice a week, cleaned regularly: the earring had not been hiding somewhere in the room. Someone/something had enough oomph to take the earring from wherever it had been, and returned it to me. The earring had been placed in full view: it was impossible not to notice it immediately, so the thought that it had been there for five years was simply impossible. At the time, only my cousin/roommate and I had access to the house and bedroom. Someone else did not place the earring; no one had access to the house.

That day I began to believe in spirit, in spirit guides existing. The whole world of other spiritual energy opened up to me, I no longer believed science was the only answer. I could no longer explain what happened in my life by rational thought. If an earring can manifest, what else was possible?

The message attached to the earring was that there were tough times ahead, but my grandmother was still with me, I was not alone. The two earrings were to be physical reminder that I was not alone: that miracles did happen, of all things, to me.

My grandmother always blazed her own trail. She gave me what I needed to do the same.

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