When starting to buy metaphysical jewellery pieces, a bracelet is a great place to start. I spent the weekend making memory wire bracelets out of turquoise, labradorite and 925 Silver. There was a time when I did not make jewellery, though how I have every spare space in my house filled with stones, silver and beads now, you’d never guess that. One of the things that attract me to stones is the fact that they have colours & dimensions that are not seen very often. The only places we can find some of the colours of heaven are in the gemstones. Then there are also the vibrations that the stones give off. I am not going to get all Woo on you, because I am not that person. What I am going to say is that I feel better when I have turquoise on, that I am more able to be calm in a crowd, that I don’t get short of breath, when surrounded by people and I can focus on the topic at hand, not that my hands are cold or that I am sweating profusely.

I buy my turquoise from one source alone, I have found that turquoise is one of the stones that can be highly tampered with, so I want to be sure of the source. My turquoise comes from China, but all the mines in the United States except for Sleeping Beauty are tapped out, so China is the place that has the really incredible Turquoise right now. The Tibetan monks and American Indians considered turquoise sacred, and I consider it sacred too, because of the way it makes me feel.

Then I also have labradorite in these bracelets. Labradorite is like a green opal. It has the rainbow reflection of Light contained within and reminds me that there is magic in the world. That’s great because Labradorite is known to BRING magic into the wearer’s life. It is also supposed to integrate the spiritual, physical and emotional bodies, so that is a great stone to wear.

The other great thing about these bracelets is the memory wire. Memory wire is great for mom’s that have young babies, the kids can pull them off & the bracelet is unharmed. The wire is also great for those of us too busy to hook a small clasp. These bracelets are three strands of turquoise, so they are chunky looking and fit in with the “bangle” trend this season.

I would love to hear your feelings on turquoise, labradorite and memory wire. Even better, buy one, and write back and let me know how it affects your life!

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