By the way, does anyone even know about St. Valentine?? Seems like in all the materialism of the holiday, the man, how he became a saint, is forgotten. I looked him up on Wikipedia, and it seems it wasn’t just 1 saint, but several, and the main association he had, in the beginning, was a feast.

What does jewellery mean to you? Here is a list of several meanings of jewellery from many different customers. Log on, answer the question about what is jewellery in the comments, and your answer will be added to the list. We are creating a work of art and would love to add your energy to it. EVERYONE WHO COMMENTS TO THIS POST WILL BE PUT IN A CONTEST TO WIN A Cultured Pearl (HONESTY, TRUTH) Bracelet! Deadline: February 28th. The winner notified shortly thereafter will be posted on blog posts.

What is Jewellery?

ART you can wear. An investment. An adornment. Something to remind you how beautiful you are. A tax shelter. FUN. Self-expression. An heirloom. A wonderful, joyful expression of self. Valuable indulgence. Necessary luxury. Something that says who you are. Something that reminds you of who you are. Jewellery is a metaphor for love. Protection from environmental challenges. HANDMADE. Gorgeous. Absolutely stunning! A connection to spirit. Precious. A Talisman

What is jewellery to you?


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