I’ve been a reluctant medium. simmering with a bit of low-grade anger because I didn’t ever want to be a medium, and feel I wasn’t asked if I wanted to throw my life upside down.  Most people pray to have such gifts; I well, I asked for sleeping pills to keep spirits out of my dreams.

The second woman I ever channeled  (during training with Doreen Virtue) was in a car accident.  In training, we paired up and took turns channeling for each other. It was the end of the first day, and I had channeled someone earlier in the day: the first person ever; it totally amazed me.  Now, I sat before my “client,” the niece of the woman that crashed the car. She simply said, “My aunt died in a car accident and I want to know what & how it happened.”

I closed my eyes and focused. After a few seconds, I could feel her driving. I felt her grogginess.  The woman’s head went down on the wheel, lulled there a few minutes, then bumped hard on the steering wheel, snapping her awake. She was going off the shoulder of the freeway, and swung the steering hard to the left to prevent it.  I felt the car careen over the pavement and off the road into the median. It was swept down into the grass of the median, and rolled.  Then I faded out of her experience again.

I confirmed for my client that her Aunt had passed out from hypoglycemia while at the wheel. This accident had happened at 10:30 am- and the family had been told it was probably drunk driving.  You can imagine the shame in that in a small town

I was sure I got taken out of the experience because there’s no way that I will keep doing sessions and channeling dead people if I had to experience the pain and agony that they went through when they died. So I thought that’s just what it was. I was a wimp & the “powers that be” took me out of the scenario before I got queasy.

Now channeled hundreds of people that have died in accidents, and other painful ways.  The protocol is always the same: if the body is ruined beyond repair, the spirit leaves, many times without feeling any pain.at all. One moment you are driving down the freeway, the next moment you are outside your car & your body looking at a mangled mess of steel, rubber and human bodies. The exception is if you decide you want to live. Then immediately you are back in your body with all the pain of being in a compromised mortal body.

I channeled a man almost cut in two from a horrific snow mobile accident. He had kids that were 2 and 4. I felt his pain because he really, really tried to hang on and tried to stay in his body.  He valiantly fought to live and had the pain that went with it.  Unfortunately, his body was hurt beyond the ability to be made whole again.  When I channeled him, he came thru to make sure to tell his children that he still loved them as much as when he was in material form, and he could still see them. Being dead did not stop him from loving his children, and seeing what they grew up to be.

After a decade of talking to people who have passed in a variety of ways, I am less scared of death than ever before. I remember when I was a teenager, I thought it was a great unknown, and thinking about my person not existing was scary to say the least.  So in most moments, I chose not to think about it. Now, my joke is that I have experienced death (of other people) so many times now, so many times before I actually die, that death will be anti-climatic.

The thing I know, the thing I would give all of you in a heartbeat if I could, that would sell better than any drug or food, is that when a spirit is on the other side in a part of the universe that may be called “heaven”, they experience bliss. The spirit exudes such amazing happiness, incredible light, joy on steroids. In that joy there is no room for pain, no reason to disagree or argue. Fighting simply stops to exist.  It is my greatest joy as a medium, to experience this feeling. My greatest wish: that everyone can know of the radiance that waits.

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