The biggest question many of us ask ourselves is: “Why am I here?” Actually, channeling peoples spirit guides and angels, the constant question I receive during sessions is: “what is my purpose?”

Most of us think of a purpose as what we do for a living, for work, for money. Many want to know SPECIFICALLY what it is we came to do: for example: “am I to be a radiation oncologist? Or should I be a newspaper reporter?” Unfortunately for these people, God never seems to be that definitive.

We have God within. The statement Jesus made, “all I can do, you can do and more” is true. The reality with that is that we have to believe that to even play in that playground. If you are an eagle hanging around with sparrows, you may not realize that you have greater capabilities than the sparrows. If we think we only have a black crayon and a grey crayon, we won’t be painting with all the colors there are in a rainbow carton of crayons.

So follow me here. With God within, we are capable of immense creation. We are equals with our creator even. Because of that, God would never tell us what to do, never insult us to say: “you need to fit in that square peg, regardless of what your feelings are.”

Instead, he gives us talents, passions, raw materials of creation, and says: “Surprise me.” So when a person’s purpose comes thru, it is declared, as “you are to be a teacher”. Or my purpose, which I have known for quite sometime, is that I am “to be a messenger”.

How that purpose expresses itself is up to me. I can play as large or as small as I want to. What I mean by this, is that I can give a message to the person I am standing with in line at the bank, or I can write international articles about what my message is. Some of that has to go with how safe I feel: if I feel I will succeed at a state or national level. If I feel supported, I feel more comfortable stepping onto the full time messenger stage. And God, well he says, “surprise me.”

One of the issues my clients have with this type of purpose does not give as clear of direction as they would like. I can feel them want to be relieved of the responsibility of the decision of what they should do with their life. That might even be why organized religion is so much more popular than spirituality in many ages. Organized religion gives you teachings, a book, something you can turn to besides your own inner yearnings.

Yet nothing satisfies those inner yearnings, allows you to sleep at night, brings you the breath, the joy and the ecstasies that being own your own path. Because the only thing that will satisfy our souls is that we are out in that environment.

“Ships are safe in the harbor, but that is not what ships are built for”

So get started, unfurl those sails. Grab that big box of crayons. Color outside the lines. In fact, color off the paper. Make your life the glorious miracle it is meant to be. And when it is scary, don’t look down. Remember, you’re an eagle. You know how to fly; you just need to believe you can.

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