“2 wars and a Giant Spill: that’s the push we needed. Though I wish we would have taken care of this ten years ago when the economy was great. The whole thing is maddening. Maybe we need reasonable time perimeters. Nixon said off foreign oil by 1980, W. Bush said 2025. Eight men of incalculable power tried to reduce dependence on foreign oil.” Jon Stewart

The United States is now getting that push.

The United States is also subject to the laws of the Universe, just like any person is. There are consequences, outcomes from every action. There are NO coincidences.  There are many thoughts & beliefs coursing thru the universe, each of which is on it’s way to manifesting. We see but a small section of that cause and affect in our lives, and every once and awhile, a meaning appears out of the fog.

If you have been paying attention to the news these days, you have noticed that the United States has gotten tapped on the shoulder, pushed as Jon Stewart states. Gasoline & oil prices shot thru the roof last year, and Americans bit the bullet and ran up their credit cards to afford the travel in their lives. At this time in our history, this time of I-pods, computers, shipping goods from China to the United States and Universal communication in many ways, to still be using coal & oil seems archaic. I suggest that it is not only archaic; it is not for our highest good.

I visited Raytheon on family day once, was able to hold a STINGER missile on my shoulder and lock it on a plane flying into the airport. A stinger is an amazing piece of equipment. Only a few pounds, it can be carried on the back of a camel then lock it onto and destroy a flying plane. What if the energy spent to create the Stinger was shifted to create a clean source of energy, a renewable source of energy? Have we REALLY tried to do that?

To those naysayers that say solar, wind, water are all too expensive to be used as the main source of our energy, what is the cost of 2 wars and a spill? What will the cost be tomorrow?  The first cell phone sold for $5000, now they are being given away for free.  The first computer took up an entire block of a city, and had nothing “personal” about it.

There was a time in the history of this country when “whale oil” was the main source of energy. People panicked when the source dried up, then made the shift to another fuel.  Many engines, like the diesel engine, were made to run on another fuel besides oil. We have worshipped at the trough of big oil & coal for too many years now. The universe is pushing us, and soon, if we do not listen, we will be pushed off the cliff.  The leaking pipe is but a small taste of the destruction ahead. Buffalo were once the main source of food for American Indians, but some other people got carried away. Now the only place we see Buffalo is in zoos or special parks. Let’s find another source of clean energy, and save oil for making plastics, fabrics and things we actually need it for.

Let’s take the money we are putting into defense, (the war in Afghanistan is about a PIPELINE, really) and spend, let’s say, at least half of it, in research on alternative and new energy sources. For those nayersayers, once again, I remind them: there are already incredible machines that produce CLEAN energy and add to the oxygen, not pollution in our world: they are called PLANTS. The most efficient solar cell in the world today is LEAVES. They are miracles. Meant to balance all the oxygen that people use up and feed us too, what an amazing deal.

If you don’t think we can’t copy nature, may I remind you of the Wright brothers. They took a creature called a bird and copied it.  Of course, we also have those stories of Icarus, how he tried to fly and his wings melted. The same people who are saying that solar is too expensive must have sat there and quoted all the ways flying wouldn’t work. What you FOCUS on expands.  We need to pull together, focusing on a cleaner, more efficient, inexpensive form of energy. We can’t let the “big oil” faction win. It is time  to get off the grid. It is meant to happen. In fact, it WILL happen. The only variable is when. Do we want it to happen on our terms, to be a step forward, or a disaster that we have to live with the aftermath? Do we wait for another trauma, or do we want to get busy creating a different future, an alternative to the grid that is simply amazing. I mean, do you think Icarus would really believe that we went to the moon? That we have flights over the ocean? That the world is round?

According to the Mayans, time speeds up every twenty years. That means that technology, creations, love, are all speeding up too. The technology is out there, in the ether. We need to just allow it to come into our minds, into being, and leave the strangle hold big oil has on this nation to history, where it belongs.


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