Being in stalled traffic by the Hoover dam yesterday, brought back into memory a story told by Elizabeth Kubler Ross. Before I realized I was a medium, I was drawn to study with Elizabeth Kubler Ross because of her expertise in the field of death and dying.  My best friend had terminal cancer, and so I was exploring my beliefs about death. It became apparent early on that to live fully, was to also know the counter weight provided by death.

In her classes, Elizabeth Kubler Ross talked about many things that didn’t make it into her books. She did not want to risk losing credibility in the medical community by writing about the woo-woo stuff. Yet that is what she shared in her classes. For many of us there, those stories were like offering water to a thirsty soul. We couldn’t get enough of the spiritual truth.

A woman in Europe was in a car headed to a soccer game.   Soccer games over there are like football games in the United States. There were a lot of people going and there was a lot of traffic. Someone ran a light, hit her car, and she was badly hurt.  This accident happened close to the event, and really intense traffic jam occurred around the accident. She was hurt badly and her spirit left her body. She could feel herself hovering above the soccer auditorium.

People were still coming in with their cars and got stuck in the big traffic jam from the accident. The woman hovering above could hear the thoughts of everyone that was in that traffic jam. Many of them were talking about how they were upset that the traffic wasn’t moving. Why they were upset that the police weren’t there doing a better job trying to move the traffic. How they had missed the kick off. How they weren’t going to get done that day what they needed to get done because they were being delayed with the traffic. About 25 cars back there was a woman praying. The woman was saying: “please let everybody be ok, let no one be in pain and let them be helped.”

The woman that had left her body, probably legally dead at this moment, was just stunned by this. That an absolute stranger would pray for her and hold her in such high esteem: caring whether she lived or died. In that moment, the woman made the decision to live. In that moment, she was returned to her body and severe pain. The ambulance took her to the hospital. She was put in body cast and had her jaw wired shut: she couldn’t talk for six months.  She had decided to stay alive just to thank that woman for praying for her.

Six months later, the two met. The woman with the accident said I just wanted to thank you for caring about me. It’s why I decided to stay on earth. The woman that had been praying was totally stunned. It gave her the validation that prayer worked. She probably already knew that in her heart. Sometimes we need to know things in our head. We need that confirmation. Both received gigantic gifts, though there was no physical energy or money that exchanged hands.

These gifts continued giving by Elizabeth Kubler Ross sharing this real story. In my darkest hours, I was reminded of this story, and how we are all connected, how we can make a difference in another’s life by simply sending a prayer their way. That we need each other, and the best work we sometimes do is not even physically visible.

When I first heard this story, I never dreamed that I would be the one talking to those souls who were leaving their bodies. When I found I was a medium, a very effective one in fact, this story took on a whole new meaning in my life.  Next blog I will share my experiences with souls entrapped in accident scenarios.

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