I think that at times we all feel the weight of this human body. That this being mortal is intense, painful, sometimes seems not worth the fight. We long, we want to leave the pain of our body. Our body is an incredible instrument. It’s a very big gift to us by God. You know it’s much better even than a new car. I’m saying that facetiously. It’s definitely better than a new car. But new cars are nice.

The reason I bring that up is that the body serves us. Each pain it has is there for a reason. We’re going through so much on so many different levels that at times we ignore the body. Think of your body as a tuning fork: a piece of crystal. If there’s a crack in the crystal it doesn’t ring true any more. Our bodies, like crystals, give off a vibration- a vibration that differs dramatically depending on our health.

All illness starts in the emotional/spiritual body and if it’s not rectified, will manifest in the physical body. The physical body is a mirror of what is going on in our emotional state and our beliefs.  Take care with words, for each word gives weight to the fact that we create our own reality with words and feelings.

Many of us have diarrhea of thought. An instructor once told Dan Millman, in the book “Peaceful Warrior,” that  “his mind [was] like a drunken monkey.” Many times I know that’s true of me. Our ego and mind go off on these little tangents: random thoughts are entertained.  We think poorly of ourselves, then think poorly of others, then perhaps become vindictive.

Being mortal means we have a rainbow of emotions. According to Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, all anger that lasts for more than 60 seconds is attached to old anger. That the only fears we are born with are of loud noises and falls from high places. However we all know that, as adults, we now have far more fears than those two, and can stay angry for days. Our experiences now of an incident are multi-layered, though perhaps they seem immediate.

We create with our thoughts. According to Abraham (the spirit guide that Esther & Jerry Hicks channels) it only takes 17 seconds of focusing to call a thought into a reality. Make it become a reality in your world. Yes, perhaps even the song lyrics running thru your head will become your next experience, good or bad.

Much of the way we behave and act in the world is attached to our genetic contracts received from family. Community structures thoughts so that we belong within a certain modality of behavior. Notice your thoughts: which ones actually belong to your family or country of origin?

When channeling I make my mind this big dark theater. Then I see what spirit sends me. I’ll see this packet fly across the theater close to the ceiling. Made up of beautiful bright emerald greens and fuchsias traveling fast. I reach up, grab the package, and open it.

Working this was has allowed me to see the steps involved my own reactions to different events.  How I process an experience This used to seem instantaneous, but since I’ve been slowing things down I now see that I make choices which each step.  I find that an “event” package could be wrapped with a piece of an incident that happened when I was 8, a belief or a song from a hundred years ago, something that happened yesterday and the way I’m feeling now.

We are complex individuals, with complex thoughts, desires and needs. Our bodies and health are a result of that complexity. I can now keep my anger at bay while I explore why I feel as I do. We all have our own truth. I used to believe that there was one, ultimate truth. I now see how we each have our own individual truths. Like cleaning our closets, organizing and naming the reasons for our actions allow us to be closer to the core of who we really are, and by that, to choose to be closer to the love source that supplies us all.

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