What is your idea about yourself? What is the grandest version of the greatest vision you ever had about Who You Are? Conversations with God constantly invites us to create that. Once you decide specifically what that is, then you know what you are doing here, and you will find yourself doing other things less and less. Create a context within which to live your life. Give yourself a purpose, a meaning. Give yourself a mission. Call yourself something! Just call yourself something. Call yourself “brave” or call yourself “kind”. Call yourself “smart” or “wealthy”. Or call yourself all of it, and more. Whatever you call yourself, you call forth for yourself. What you call yourself calls to you and you will fly to it like a moth to flame. What you call yourself, you call forth for yourself. What you call yourself, calls to you. – Neil Donald Walsh Questions and Answers on Conversations with God

  • I am leading with this quote for a simple fact: it is true. I believe we are ALL powerful manifestors, but many of us have no idea that we are creating our lives. I can look back on the many situations I have gotten myself into (9 car accidents in 13 years, none of which were my fault. I believed that I could only take time off if I were sick, and so sitting in traffic, I would be thinking “I need some time at home to myself” and within one minute, BAM- I was in a car accident not of my making.) A fear still roams the back of my consciousness, that I am creating trauma, drama and energy drains without knowing it. When I try to look at these beliefs, they scurry like cockroaches hiding from an overhead light. They go to ground, and my inner child says, “not me. I don’t create this stuff. I am just hanging out.”

    An easier way to create joy, abundance and the life I am meant to live, is not to interrogate her like she is a war hostage, but to choose what I want for this life. Much like a radio dial, you can only have one transmission on at a time, so love of myself and my future grounds out the negative beliefs from my childhood. However, by playing the music of self-actualization, all the beliefs and thoughts that do not support that tune also come forward, sometimes screaming. While saying “I am supported and cared for no matter what” the old melody of “people always let me down” plays in the background. It is a hard one to let go of, because it has seemed true for thirty plus years. The fear that this is the real reality stands glaring me down. I repeat to myself, “Today I am supported and cared for in every way.” What is past, is past, unless we drag it into the present room. It often feels uncomfortable not to do so. That is actually the tip off we are doing something terrific: it feels frightening and strange.

    The guides stand around us all with love, quiet determination and belief that we CAN make the best choices for ourselves. They bring us opportunities to grow. As humans, we are on this earth to experience free will, to make choices, and spirit will never interfere with that. As humans we are playing on the field, and they are coaching and supporting while not touching the ball or taking our choices away.

    The question that they bring forth is this: as humans, you are always changing, growing, making choices, and creating. While it may feel uncomfortable to change behavior, to risk, to follow your heart or intuition isn’t it also TRUE GROWTH to make a new choice, not the same one over and over again? To trust that God has our back, and with the leap of faith he brings the jet stream that supports and buoys us?

    Make this a real new year, this 2012, the year of the death of old paradigms. It is not the end of the world. It is the start however, of deceit, lies and fraud being found out. The truth is always stronger than a lie. This age will go a step beyond this: the truth is where our growth and safety lies.

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