In “Miracles of Love” the book about Ram Dass’s guru, there is an amazing story. The Guru had some people do work on his residence, and they asked to be paid. The Guru replied that on the road home, they were to pick up some rocks, and under the rocks would be their money.

When I first read this, I did not understand it at all: in my reality, money did not hide under rocks.  Later, when I experienced some magical powers of my own, I realized that the guru DID have this power, but still did not understand the reason for not paying the men directly. The epiphany that I woke up with this morning was this: the reward, the success, the payment, it is ALONG the road, not at the end or the beginning. The path you are taking, that is what holds your rewards.  It falls with the same saying “in saving others, you save yourself.” The saving others is your path, and like the “Wizard of Oz” you are off to see and feel the abundance along the way.

Many ask me:” what is my path in life, what is my purpose?”  Do you think that the Universe gave you a purpose, like a line in a fortune cookie: “You will be a plumber”? Do you want to turn over the decisions in your life,  to have a GPS system you can put on autopilot?

One reason we do not get the purpose statement is free will. This whole trip to earth is for us to experience free will. The Universe would never compromise our free will by telling us what to do. For centuries (think the ten commandments) humans have been looking for a way to make God happy by following his rules. For

centuries, humans have been listening to other humans, not their hearts, or the voices of their souls. If one person follows their heart it gives us all permission to do so.

We were put on this earth to experience free will and choice. The Universe gives us certain talents, certain passions that are individual to us. A road map if you will.  None of us are exactly alike, with all the humans born, each still has individual DNA, fingerprints, likes and dislikes that are specific to that human in that body and will never be duplicated.

The universe gives us these passions, and says:” Surprise me!” In a fortune cookie purpose world, there would be nothing new. There would be no Wright brothers, saying that “people can fly”, no Walt Disney, no Bill Gates.  How can the Universe give you a destination that is not yet known; not yet discovered? We have come to this planet to experience love where love is not, to overcome our fears, to love each other in the face of everything.  We have come to jump off the ledge and fly.  Yet so many of us cling to each other and do not take that chance.  We have dreams that we are too scared to make reality, or we run out of time and try to force our children to take over our dream.  It is always easier to succeed at something that is not your true passion, not your dream, than it is to step out on that ledge and take off for your  own destination.

Faith comes into play, because you have to take steps on your path before you see where you are going.  I enrolled with Lucy  (my 3 year old recued Bichon) in a therapy dog class last night. It FELT right, because she loves people so much, and it was clear to me that her purpose (yes dogs have purposes too) is to cuddle and love on people. When they asked in the class where we wanted to go as a therapy dog, I had no idea. I had the vague picture of older people in wheelchairs. Other than that, I had no clue.

(pictures of lucy in her many different moods)

Waking this morning, I was shown that Lucy and I are going to go into areas where people aren’t just physically hurt; they are ragged from grief with the losses in their lives. Lucy is the conduit. She opens the hearts of these people, and I am then allowed to work as a medium, channeling lost loved ones and information that buoys the heart and heals the spirit.

I had overlooked Lucy’s main purpose, to be my assistant, accompaniment on the journey.   Mediumship is what I do, and Lucy has come to help me become the best possible me. Lucy is one of those “gifts along the path”.

What “presents” are currently around you? Have you cut yourself off from your true path, denying the gifts that are meant for you?  Perhaps we do not have just one “true path” but passions that point the way.  These can either flow free and give us a luscious life, or be shut off, leaving our lives a barren desert without many resources.

In this, the season of giving, give yourself the biggest gift of all: permission. Permission to trust that the passions in your life will nourish you, clothe you and give to you abundance that you cannot even fathom. After all, you cannot see the end of the path, the riches it leads to. And also, most importantly, the riches along the way.

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