Just like lifting weights to build muscle, you can use many daily events to become more secure and understanding of your intuitive talents. We all have them; my belief is that it just varies in the type of talent and the ability to use it. For example, I don’t see auras but I routinely have the guides say to clients “you see aura’s”. Every time that information comes up, the client that has the ability simply says, “Yes, that is true” it is not my business to look into how their brains and skills work. My work in this arena is to convey the messages that are coming from my clients guides and angels, and assist them in the ability to get the information thru to the client.

When I am doing the session, the information coming thru is for the client: it is not from me or about me. Every once and awhile I will get someone who doesn’t want to “claim” his or her information or issues, and say to me: “that must be for you, it has nothing to do with me.” Trust me, if it IS for me, I get tapped on the shoulder about it. Plus the GUIDES KNOW it is the clients time, and proceed appropriately. I am explaining this because sometimes I got off course on what is MY JOB. My job is to tell the message as clearly and concisely as possible. It ISN’T my job to get the client to understand the message. That said, most of the time the clients do get it, and I get the warm fuzzies on that to prove it. But actually, the person could understand the message immediately, or they could have an epiphany about it five years later. Some messages would save the client an amazing amount of pain, and of course I want to spare them for that. But when you do something that is off-kilter from your life’s purpose, it creates an energy leak that can be monumental. I have learned that if I go outside the boundaries of my specific job description, I may need to sleep for the next seven days, because it was so exhausting, and also have a major amount of pain in my body screaming that I did something that did not have my best interests in focus. (FYI: this is also how people “burn out” doing service work- they give too much & do not strictly stay to their purpose.)

The easy way to practice your intuition is as follows:

1.   Before you open a letter, hold it in your hand and see what vibration it is giving off. If there is no name on it, envision who it is from. Then tear that sucker open & see if you are accurate! I used this trick to “fall in love with myself” and build confidence that my intuitional “guesses” were almost ALWAYS true. Another thing to do when you “play” this game: notice HOW the information is coming in. Do you get snippets of songs? Of vocabulary? Are you shown incredibly fast videos in your minds eye? Does a smell come wafting by you? There are 5 skills that are called “clairs”: like clairaudience, clairvoyance, and clairsentience. Everyone has a different ratio of these gifts. By observing, you know which gifts are already there, and which ones feel Ice COLD. Use this to concentrate on what you want to expand. Remember, what you focus on or think about EXPANDS: whether it is true or painful. Plan these thoughts accordingly.

2.   You can also do the same thing with a phone call. While the phone is ringing, think of who it might be. Try to conjure up what they are going to talk about, how they feel about you. Again, Focus on your “clairs”

3, if you have a friend to work with, practice sending a psychic phone call. There is a very specific way to do this that I learned from Candice Lienhardt, a Kahuna of great wisdom and power.  (Posted before this)

Meet with your friend and ask her/him to think of you and send a message at a certain time picked at their discretion. Volunteer to do the same for her. Then both of you keep track of when thoughts ran across your mind, write down the time and what the thought was.  After a few days, compare notes. Keep working on this for several weeks and see if you get better at it.

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