Plants feed our souls. Not just oxygen to our bodies, (which today is precious enough) they connect us with nature keeping our environment from being totally contrived by humans. The people who have plastic plants are missing the boat on what plants really are.

Plants create an environment where the Elementals can thrive. Elementals are fairies, gnomes, water sprites, elves, and other woodland folk. They protect & service nature. So anyone who helps with plants, has pets or works with animals are top notch in the elementals eyes and get help when they ask for it from the elementals. Just because they aren’t easily seen, can be small and you think you don’t believe in the elementals, don’t count them out! They have helped me many times, pretty much instantly, no waiting.

I have asked the Elementals to Clean out stopped up drains, give me more hot water in the shower, and help sick plants or animals to get well. If you think that you are not good with plants, think again.

I had always given the “plant goddess” award to my mother. When I was in college, I would take plants up to the dorm room, and when they got sick I would bring them home to my mom who nursed them back to health. I would bring plants to death’s door, and she would get them healthy again. That continued for years.

Even after I moved to Tucson, I’d visit Mother and come home with numerous plants and cuttings only to have them turn brown and die. However after I realized what I think created my reality, I changed my thinking about plants. I simply made the statement:

“I am great with plants. I know how to treat them, and all my plants have healthy, successful lives.”

I have not lost a plant since. Even the ficus tree, (I have never done well with a ficus before) never drops leaves! So, change your thoughts if you weren’t already a green plant god/goddess: and make your living space full of abundant oxygen producing living beings.

If you know your basic chemistry, it just makes sense to have your environment full of oxygen producing factories! Many people are buying made-man air filtering systems for hundreds of dollars. It is like we have forgotten that God gave us the best air filtering machines possible, plants!

Cat tip: some cats LOVE green plants: grass and the dirt that is with them. On my bigger plants, I have made decorative ceramic tiles that sit over the soil so that my cats can’t dig up plants and disturb them. If your cat is really a grass/catnip lover, give them their own square of grass and catnip to play in. I have one client that has a window box that she has covered with grass, and the cats can sit in that and pretend that they are outside. If you have a cat that has been outdoors and no longer want them to go outside, the window box or a place with their own plants really goes a long way to them being happy and safe

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