I am always on the hunt for great shows on television, especially the last few years since I am home more because of Covid. (If you want to get all judgey on TV shows not being the best form of entertainment or a waste of time, the Spirit Guides use clips from shows as metaphors for messages much of the time. They can say something through a few seconds of video that would take hours to explain in real time). The best shows not only entertain, they also educate and move us emotionally. While I like to have a show that resonates with me, I also like to learn things I didn’t know before. The best shows help you learn more about yourself and your life. I recently found a show from 2015 on Hulu that fits that bill in spades.

The show is Shut Eye and it stars Jeffrey Donovan. A weird name I know, and it doesn’t do the show justice. Donovan stars in another show with a strange name that is a favorite of mine, Burn Notice. (If you haven’t watched Burn Notice, you need to. It is about a burned spy and is the perfect example of the saying: “When one door closes, another door opens.” Donovan’s character never gets depressed, never quits, never says he’s been beat. It is incredibly inspiring. Plus, you get to learn all about what being a spy is like!).

Anyway, back to Shut Eye. I started watching because I liked the premise of a Psychic who was working with gypsies in LA. I also like Jeffrey Donovan, and was happy to see him in a substantial role. What surprised me when I started watching it was that Donovan plays a CONMAN who pretends to be psychic, but is really doing scams. I have never known an intuitive who does this, and it felt uncomfortable to watch it happen, even in a fictional TV show. It felt like an education to realize how easily these people could con someone.

Then a twist happens in the show. Donovan’s character gets hit in the head by an angry boyfriend of a client. This causes him to start having REAL visions, ones that he can’t control and doesn’t always understand. He goes to a neuro-scientist to find out about his brain, only to find out there is nothing wrong. It is one fast ride from there about what is reality, what is ethical and what people will do for money.

Things to think about when watching the show. Do the clients who are being “scammed” still get value out of their sessions? When Donovan’s character does Tarot, is the Tarot the Tarot regardless of who is doing it? He obviously has the meanings of the cards memorized- does Tarot need to be done by someone who has other intuitive powers? When Donavon’s character gets the visions, is he really seeing them in real life like they show he is? When I get visions I get them in mind’s eye, not like it is actually happening (I do sometimes see dead people like they are real, but that is something that happens to a medium, not a psychic).

Other questions that come to my mind is could Donovan’s character could control his visions by accessing his spirit guides? Could he ask his spirit guides/the Universe for more information, not just try to decide on his own what the visions mean? (I use the spirit guides to give me more complete information on visions). Hypnosis is also featured, which isn’t something I think of as a psychic gift. He was also going to hire a dowser (Dowsing is another name for using a pendulum) and I was anxious to see how that would fit in to Shut Eye’s psychic world.

The gypsy family life is fascinating to me. They live by old traditions, but have navigated to using them in the modern day. They eschew their traditions when the “council” decides to. Even in America they still do arranged marriages and child brides.

I resisted getting Hulu until this year, so I missed out on watching Shut Eye when it was on in real time. That’s too bad, because I would have petitioned to keep it on the air. The show ends leaving a cliff hanger, and none of the story lines are complete. Sometimes we have to be okay with not knowing. It doesn’t make the ride any less fun.

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