When I do soul coaching sessions, the number one question is: what is my life’s purpose?

Even in midlife and retirement, people are still asking and searching for meaning. They want to know the reason they are present in this life. Incredibly, “Am I on purpose?” is the question I am most frequently asked in intuitive sessions.

Many people think that their purpose is a simple statement, like a fortune cookie fortune, written plainly in one sentence.  “You are a plumber, you are a farmer, you are meant to be an engineer.”

However, we aren’t given distinct orders like that. Instead the Universe gives you passions and talents, saying: “Surprise me!”

If this were not the case, there would never be any new professions. There would not be a Bill Gates, a Walt Disney, a John Glenn or an Albert Einstein. It would be a caste system where you are what has happened before, and creation of new ideas, new professions were stymied.

That isn’t the case. Instead, you are capable of learning and growing your entire life. Consciousness, always expands. You become more. What was your purpose when you are eighteen can look totally differently when you are sixty?

What are you passionate about? What makes time stand still, makes your heart beat faster? Go deep into that. It will be a journey. When you explore your passions, they become different. Just like building a sculpture, your passion is the armature, the bones the sculpture is built on. Then you start to flesh it out, add what you enjoy, what you know, see the sculpture start to take shape. It may be slow some days, faster others. You may finish that sculpture, but because of it you have ideas on the next sculpture, the next passion. You are constantly growing, finding out new things about yourself, consciousness expanding.

What you do with your talents is your gift to God and the universe. T

God gives us passions and says: “surprise me”

This is because we have God within, God doesn’t tell God what to do. But he does

We have god within – would never tell us what to do.

Tips for knowing when you are on your soul’s true purpose

 Big Tip: the Universe exists for us to experience free will and make choices!

With your soul purpose, think of it as a way of being, not necessarily a profession or job.  Many people are stuck on “purpose” having to do with a profession or a job. A purpose might be “you are a messenger”. With that purpose, you could become a public speaker, a teacher, a politician or even a religious figure. How you chose to manifest your purpose is your choice.

That is actually my purpose, to be a messenger. I can do that by speaking to you, being on a TV show, writing, creating my art, or talking to someone one on one.

When I am on my purpose, I don’t lose energy, because Universal Energy supports me. Time seems to stand still. I feel happy – telling people how to

It is not up to me whether someone UNDERSTANDS the message or not. That is where I get caught up. If someone doesn’t understand the message, I will say it many times in a different way. That is exhausting for me. What helps is the guides remind me that people can only learn one grade up from where they are. Someone in Spiritual Kindergarten isn’t going to understand a college concept.

I have had clients headed toward incredible pain and destruction, yet unable to change the course of their life. I have no control over that. However, when people DO get the message I have, that allows me to pat myself on the back and give myself an ‘Atta girl”.

You never know if someone will get the information today or 5 years from now. The man, who taught me to paint in the style that I do, never got to see the art I create today with the style I learned from him. In the drawing class he taught, I was just copying what he told me to do to get an A in the class. It wasn’t until five years later that I SAW the way the style worked, and understood it. Yet that was the greatest gift an art professor has ever given to me. Luckily, I remembered what he taught me, so that when I was capable of comprehending it, the message was still there.

Like there is a true north, there are ways to tell if you are moving toward your purpose, spinning your wheels, or actually moving away from your purpose.

If the right “job” isn’t there, the money isn’t there, or you think it is just the economy, you need more information. (If this comes up with a client, many times the spirit guides say, “Tell them to ask more questions”)

1. Take responsibility for your own outcomes, your own power. Don’t give your power away by blaming others. It might feel great to blame another, but it is actually giving your power to change the situation to that other person. When the economy crashed several years ago, I did many business consultations for companies having financial hardships. What I found, was that even though everything was being blamed on the economic crash, there was always another reason why the business wasn’t doing well.

2. A Bell weather of how you are on track is also your emotions. Feelings don’t lie. If something makes you sad, angry, unhappy, those emotions are energy. It is how we communicate with our soul. The strongest prayer is an “I AM” statement with a strong emotion attached. What many people call prayer is actually whining. Some feel that mediation is prayer. DEPRESSION is energy not moving. Most often, I find it is anger. If you are angry in your job, sad, unhappy or indifferent, those are big signs that you aren’t working on your core passions, at least unless you are going thru a time of transition that you aren’t happy with but you know isn’t permanent.

3. All creation takes place in present time.  In present time you are also the most powerful. Again, own that power. You are not on purpose if you are thinking constantly about the future or the past and doing nothing in the present. Put your purpose into real time by taking concrete steps towards it.

4. If you are on purpose, it energizes you. It will never matter as much if you are a success in someone else’s definition of success, than if you progress and succeed at WHAT IS IMPORTANT TO YOU. THAT IS WHAT YOU came for. You didn’t come to be on the sidelines in your own life. You came to have a starring role.

5. You are not working in a field that you love if you feel lethargic and drained at the end of your day. (The only exception to this is if you have some ONE stealing your energy with etheric cording. If this is happening, you need to attend to it immediately).

6. You feel exhilarated when you make a big move towards it, not nauseated. (Well, maybe a little nauseated). But the thing you REALLY shouldn’t feel is dread, dead inside, or bored.

7. To be on purpose, you will have to take a leap of faith. You go the edge, they push you, and you fly!
“Sometimes you have to take a leap of faith and build your wings on the way down.” ~ Ray Bradbury

8. Purpose isn’t about the money, but the money comes. If you are on purpose, you are in Universal flow and abundance is naturally attracted to you.

When I look at a client’s future, it isn’t set in stone, but it is what I call, “in play”.

Many times I see the future like a long` hallway, opportunities exist, but you have to walk into the room to have it materialize. You have the ability to choose: doubt and fear, or faith and love.

The universe supports you, whatever you chose. That has been a lesson I needed to learn, that whatever I chose, love or fear, that is what I am going to get more of.

Still questioning what your purpose is?  Set up an appointment to talk to your spirit guides and angels. They will give you clues to what you could be doing, You can be told what is best between two jobs, whether someone will lie to you, who has the better choice for you.

 “You did not come to be a beggar at the table of life; you came to be the honored guest”- Emmanuel


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