HARD WORK. Effort. Physical labor. These words, and the connection between them in my mind, have affected the structure and path of my life. Not always I may say, in a positive way.

The hard work & her sister clutter, can abscond my life. How do I define myself, without hard work? It seems the old me needed physical work and “things” to keep my fear at bay. It is uncomfortable to not be getting a paycheck, not working a “real” job, not being part of a larger whole of corporate life. As humans we are not our production during the day. Being lazy, or being industrious does not guarantee us money, love or health.

The rule I was taught about working hard, physical labor, being a path to abundance, happiness and joy is not always (or is it ever?) true. What is true is that we must trust our hearts: that voice within us that speaks to us to write, to dance, and to take a nap, regardless of the monetary rewards.

If we can do that we may experience a real miracle, that of following our hearts, our spirit’s yearning, and a whole different definition of hard work. Having the courage to listen to what is specific to your soul, “the different drummer” so to speak, is not comfortable. It is the “hard” part of taking the road not traveled by, the being lonely enough to have work of your own. It trusts that small voice inside, and taking responsibility for the choices you are making, not turning your power over to someone to make your choices for you. I can tell you honestly, there are days I would feel more comfortable cleaning stalls, but then I try to stay with it a few seconds more.

Consider Paul McCartney performing in Red Square Russia, singing “back in the USSR”. That was a song that he wrote in privacy, practiced and launched into being with his fellow Beatles. The song went from that, to thousands of Russians singing the song along with him, knowing every word although they may not know English, have never been in the same town as Paul McCartney, let alone talked to him. Yet he had written words that influenced their lives, that they carried around inside them with personal memories and events tied to those words.

Do not die with your music inside you. Do not die without someone knowing who you really are- including yourself. The journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step. Do like Paul McCartney, and write it down. Write it down, perform it. Sing it to yourself. Play a starring role in your life, not a bit part.

“Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint on it you can” Danny Kaye

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