THE MOST COMMON question in all angel/spirit guide sessions I do is: “what is my purpose?” Sometimes this question is clothed in a slightly different way, such as “what is my path in life? ” or “What is the meaning of it all?” Those are all the same question.

Many people think that God gave us all a purpose, like the line of print in a fortune cookie. “You will be a plumber” or “You are meant to be a vascular surgeon”. That turns the responsibility over to God, for many of the decisions in life. It is like wanting a GPS system to tell you what path you should be on.

When people ask these questions, I fall back on the explanation the guides always convey. It explains how we interact with our guides, some of the reason we exist, and why we will never get that fortune cookie statement.

“ As humans, you have God within. (Think of God as being the Ocean, and the singular human as being a molecule of water. Or God is a gigantic apartment building, and a single person is ONE of those apartments) you are equal to God, and he would never insult you by telling you what to do. Your incarnation on earth is for you to experience free will and make choices. Free will can never be compromised by anyone, be it God or your spirit guides and angels.

God gives you talents, certain passions that are individual to you. None of you are exactly alike, and with all the billions humans born throughout time, each one still has individual DNA, fingerprints, likes and dislikes that are specific to that human in that body and will never be duplicated. God gives you these passions, as says: “Surprise me!””

If God gave us all the fortune cookie purposes, there would be nothing new. There would be no Wright brothers inventing air travel, no Walt Disney creating cartoons and fantasy, no Bill Gates no computers. How could God give you a purpose that is not yet known, not yet discovered, or yet created? We have come to this planet to experience love where love is not. This means overcoming our fears, to love each other in spite of perceived flaws.

We as humans have come to jump off the ledge and fly. Yet so many of us cling to each other and do not take that chance. We have dreams that we are too scared to make reality, or we run out of time and try to force our children to take over OUR dream. It is always easier to succeed at something that is not your true passion, not your dream, than it is to step out on that ledge and create your vision. That is because if you fail, you can easily say, “it didn’t matter, I didn’t want to do that anyway.” This is why successful actors step outside that career to become a painter, to become a rock star, to do the thing they wanted to do.

Another reason God does not tell you what the destination of your journey is most would adamantly say no. If God told me I was to be a professional medium and animal communicator, I would have flat out said NO. Yet, that is what I am today. I stepped onto this road when I realized I had the ability to help people in an incredible way, in a way I did not even know possible. I could not go on with my corporate sales career anymore, knowing that by doing so I was denying the world of the potential healing, forgiveness and truth my gift brings. A corporate career seemed flat and cardboard like in comparison.

What I neglected to realize at first is that God is with us every step of the way. When you choose God’s way, it is luscious, and funded beyond your wildest dreams. It is what Thoreau was talking about when he said, “you will meet a success that is uncommon is your wildest hours.” God and the guides support your every step, and give you the tools, funding, the people to support you, the opportunities at every turn.

Regardless of what your true purpose is, it is always accompanied by the obligatory leap of faith. You have to jump off the cliff, and then the fog clears and you can see the path and the help available to you. Everyone I have ever talked to has had to take this leap to find his or her authentic self. Unlike the “safe way” that society provides and you know like the back of your hand, risking to live in your truth is fraught with decisions. It seems like there are many more risks, but the reality is that by staying in the “safe” position, things are taken from you, losses are experienced, and you never get that yummy feeling of experiencing what you truly deserve. You are not giving back to the world, at least in the “grandest version of yourself” way.

What did you want to do when you were six? What was that passion that you had, that interest that kept you awake at night anticipating tomorrow, it excited you so? What did you love before society, structure, obligations and the goals of others got in the way? Is there anything that makes you lose track of time? What is it that makes you feel complete, as natural as breathing air?

Let me add a footnote here. Some people wanted something that is connected to time, such as being a prima ballerina, jumping horses on an Olympic team, being a teenage rock star. If that were supposed to happen, it would have. You need to forgive yourself for not making the move to complete that dream. Most of all, you need to give it up and not impress it on our children.

Doing the work I do now, I can see how every experience I have had in my life makes me successful and competent to do the work I am now doing. I have suffered great loss with horses and pets, and so am an equal to those who call grieving the loss of their beloved animal companions. I have lived thru being in relationship with men locked into addictions, and found a different language to converse with those who are not dysfunctional. I have lived thru the death of my parents, and choosing a path that was off the freeway of normal life. I was suicidal twice in my life, and climbed out of that pit. I am directed to share my life with certain clients, to let them know I am not judging them and I am not above them. I am a soldier in the same war, just a little further along the path. I have found a way out of that cave, and they can too.

I have come to realize we are all surrounded with love and joy, the guidance of many in the spirit world who love us, support us, and only move away from us when we make a commandment to them like “I am all alone”.

Many people are not satisfied with this answer from spirit, for many it leaves more questions than answers. After spending decades on the freeways of human behavior, they are being asked to get off the road and take a 4-wheel drive trip, or even learn to fly a helicopter. This is true. In fact, some of them are being asked to DESIGN their own helicopter.

Think of the human spirit, the history of knowledge. We have come from believing the world is flat, from melting down our gold to make a statue to worship, to flying to the moon and knowing the deep voice within is the voice of truth. Culture is speeding up, not slowing down. God has given us all the tools we need to make this earth a paradise. We also can cut ourselves off from God, and create monsters that scare us, fears that become real from our focus on them and threaten to destroy us.

Whatever we do, if we do it with love, from the position of love, we will not fail. A winner is just someone who has gotten up one more time than they have lost. There are those who do not even enter the race, and do not try because they do not want to fail. To those people, they need to realize that more is learned from failure than success. That if we always won, it would be a hollow victory. If you set out on a path, and it turns out to be a dead end, you have had experiences that are invaluable, and you know one more way to not do it, putting you further along the path of succeeding.

We are here to make choices, experience, and create. Watching someone else’s movie does not do that. We each have our own, and one is not more valuable than the other. Think of the Satchel Paige quote, “How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you were?” Take that one step further: “Who would you BE if you didn’t know who you were?” Write down a description of who you are, how you are defined. Then look at every one of those statements, and ask, who would I be without that thought? Perhaps you define yourself as a husband, a mother, a sister. Perhaps you have never thought of yourself without that moniker. This is why people totally fall apart when they get laid off or lose a job. They have defined themselves thru their career, and without that job, they do not feel they have meaning in their lives.

When I was in college, above the entrance to the agricultural building, was the statement, “Some things a farmer does, he does by faith alone.” That is taking the leap. Trusting that the rose grows on the other side of the fence, that the seed you plant in the spring will bring a harvest in the fall. Doing yard work yesterday, I was amazed at all the seeds the rhus lancea trees had dropped. That is the miracle of nature that 1000’s of seeds are dropped so that one may make it, one may take the nutrients of the situation around them and become what they are genetically and spiritually programmed to become. An oak tree does not grow into a rose. It is not their destiny. You cannot squeeze an orange and get grape juice. You cannot be filled with longing, pain; jealousy and resentment then still overflow with love to a person. That person will get showered with your interior emotions of jealousy pain and resentment.

Action Step: Write down how you would describe yourself. Then make another list, how you would LIKE to describe yourself. How big is the difference? Look at your lists. Take out any description that is related to another person, that you define yourself in relationship to another. This means words like father, sister, son, child. Realize you have little control over those monikers. Now take out anything related to your career, your job. See that as not being something written in stone, but rather a temporary description. Realize that words like sensitive, caring, truthful will always be available. A word like Artistic is a description that will serve you in many different aspects during your lifetime, yet still always be accurate. Go thru your list of who you are NOW, and circle descriptions that will always describe you, not just now in this point in time. Look at the list of who you want to be described as. Pick 3-5 descriptions that are not currently on your “who I am now” list. Write a plan of at least one action per description to move you towards your “authentic self” list.

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